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United States naval officer remembered for his heroic deeds (1779-1820)


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The ambulance service gets 10 to 15 penalty notices a day for straying into the lanes, including one case where an unconscious teenage girl was being taken to Heartlands Hospital on blue lights.
During a meeting, the CPO said that vehicles having tinted glasses or running without number plates or equipped with illegal blue lights were often used in criminal activities.
Blue lights and sirens are only used in an emergency situation, either responding to a 999 call, as per procedure, or if taking a patient to hospital whose condition is such, that they need to be in hospital urgently.
Do a blue light run HUDDERSFIELD needs its own A&E.
Vehicles with blue lights are being checked and action would be started against those selling blue lights or selling material to make glass of vehicles tinted.
He pleaded guilty to doing an act, using blue lights to pull a car over, falsely suggesting he was a police officer.
Closer to home, the fountains in Trafalgar Square were lit with blue lights, as were the fountains in Marble Arch and the Golden Jubilee Bridge, and at North Queensferry's Deep Sea World, left, divers displayed blue messages of congratulations.
28, 2012 (CENS) -- The Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) flashed a blue light for Taiwan's business performance in August, representing the 10th straight month for the economy to stay at the recessionary level, the second longest blue-light period since 1984, when the data became available.
But new research led by the University of Warwick has found a way to use blue light to activate what could be a highly potent platinum-based cancer treatment.
More than 150 emergency vehicles were caught speeding without blue lights flashing in the last year, but were not fined or given points.
The question was asked how many police vehicles not answering emergency calls nor showing blue lights were caught in the year to the end of March.
THE TREND for fitting miniature blue lights on the bonnets of cars could land drivers in trouble with the law.
Just as I was about to concede that witty and provocative black novels are a thing of the past--Pearl Cleage's work, of course, being an exception--along comes Brooklyn native Juliet Sandford's debut novel, Blue Lights in the Basement.
When Jesse Mercado put up his holiday display this year in the front yard of his home on Lubao Avenue, he added a new element - an American flag created from red, white and blue lights.
Mayor of Santa Monica and the UCLA Marching Band Welcome "Blue Monday" at a Ceremony Featuring the First-Ever Lighting of over 6,000 Blue Lights Atop the 130' Foot Pacific Wheel at Historic Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier