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a statute regulating work on Sundays

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Rather, public policies such as the Blue Laws emerge because a moral constituency (the Baptists) and a financial constituency (the bootleggers) come together in support of the same policies.
Because of the existence of blue laws, Pennsylvania remained a difficult place for Sabbath-keepers into the twentieth century, and legal action continued to be brought against those who attempted to work on Sunday.
Blue laws have long mandated the closure of certain types of businesses on Sundays in states throughout the nation.
To Justice Potter Stewart, who was among three dissenters in both Braunfeld and Crown Kosher, what mattered was the actual "impact" of the blue laws, rather than a distinction between direct and indirect burdens.
In Colorado, holdover Blue Laws pertaining to the Christian Sabbath prevent liquor sales at liquor stores as well as sales of automobiles.
A politician that votes pro-choice is not "promoting abortion" or "cooperating in evil" any more than one who opposes blue laws is promoting the violation of the Sabbath rules.
A similar article explains why it is so difficult to get rid of blue laws, limits on taxicab licenses, etc.
Not selling alcohol on Sundays is as quaint as the old blue laws that forbade the selling of pantyhose on Sundays, and if there is an explanation that doesn't involve religion, I'd love to hear it.
I live in Texas where we used to have blue laws which closed retail stores on Sunday.
Rather than endlessly detailing the nation's blue laws, McCrossen focuses on cultural debates and everyday activities that both undergirded and challenged these laws.
Blue laws had a surprising persistence, lasting in many places into the 1970s, and Sunday remains a special day for most, even today's unchurched.
The repeals of the Blue Laws may have had a substantial impact on weekly hours in retail trade.
THE second running of the Larkhill National - a four-mile mixed open - produced a cracking contest and a triumph for a one-horse stable when Caroline Tuffin, 19, took command in the closing stages on redoubtable stayer Blue Laws, the horse on whom she had gained her only previous success, at the East Devon almost exactly a year before.
Fourteen states since 2002 have rolled back Blue Laws that banned Sunday sales in a growing trend of states modernizing laws to serve a 21st-century economy.
SOUTHBRIDGE -- The Tri-Community YMCA on Everett Street, which is thankfully not subject to Massachusetts blue laws, will have separate activities aimed at feeding people who are in need on Thanksgiving Day.