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Synonyms for fluorite

a soft mineral (calcium fluoride) that is fluorescent in ultraviolet light

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Blue John is a semi-precious gemstone, a rare variety of the mineral Calcium Fluorite, with distinctive purple, blue and golden yellow banding, which runs through the stone and makes each Blue John gemstone different.
Yma mae'r garreg 'Blue John' wedi ei chloddio ers canrifoedd ac unwaith mi fyddai mwynwyr hefo caib a rhaw yn mynd dan y ddaear a dilyn y gwythiennau glas yn y garreg galch.
ONE of Britain's largest collections of china crafted from Blue John - the semi-precious mineral mined in the Peak District - is to go under the hammer in Birmingham.
Somewhere towards the top of mine is an object made from Britain's rarest semi-precious stone: Derbyshire's romantically named Blue John.
CITY LEFT BLACK & BLUE John Mulroy celebrates Athlone Town's first equaliser in the clash with Cork last night
He was hiking through Blue John Canyon in Utak when his right hand was pinned and trapped against a canyon wall.
What is the name of the mansion built for Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Canada; 2 Polo; 3 Gracelands; 4 Blue John; 5 Chartwell; 6 Israel; 7 Duncan Bannantyne; 8 Jane Seymour; 9 Harley Street; 10 Ludwig.
Film -- 127 Hours at 7pm on OSN Movies HD This is the true story of Aron Ralston, a thrill-seeking adventurist who, on a spontaneous hike to Blue John Canyon in Utah became trapped in a canyon after a boulder became dislodged and crushed his arm against the wall.
Concord- based Amos Wayne Richards, 64, who fell 10 feet into the Little Blue John Canyon during his hiking adventure, is now recovering from leg injury at home, the Telegraph reports.
As he attempts to traverse Blue John Canyon, the rocks give way, sending him plummeting to the bottom, his arm pinned against the wall by a heavy boulder.
Except for the scene where they let go of the walls of Blue John Canyon to drop into a hidden blue lagoon.
Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto wore an electric blue John Galliano gown with Martin Katz jewellery while her pint-sized co-stars wore custom-made outfits by Brooks Brothers.
On the bottom (from the left): Chave gets sassy in Diesel Femme's periwinkle skirt with fluttering lace hem and blue John Fluevog heels.
249, The New Catacomb, The Silver Hatcher, The Striped Chest, and The Terror of Blue John Gap, The Best Horror Stories Of Arthur Conan Doyle is an outstanding compendium of horrific tales guaranteed to haunt the dreams and imaginations of even the most stout of heart.