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a language of uncertain affiliation spoken by the Hmong


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The singer's portrait is identified in the volume as "Ntxhw Zeb Haam, a Blue Hmong shaman...
The main clans from Vietnam included the White Hmong, Blue Hmong and Black Hmong, and Flower Hmong" (Barr 2005: 32).
While most of the skirts were pleated polyester and not hemp--white or machine printed to look like Blue Hmong batik with embroidery--the counted cross-stitch apron and collars appeared to be the traditional elements still stitched by hand.
(28) Chindarsi, in The Religion of the Hmong Njua, translates the group that he spent time with as "Blue Hmong," but they are more commonly known by the name "Green Hmong."
Although I will use the word "Hmong" indiscriminately throughout this essay, the knowledge I draw on comes mainly from the funeral traditions of one specific group of blue Hmong (Moob leeg), known as Hmong Moonpheng (Moob Moospheeb).