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Synonyms for peacekeeping

the activity of keeping the peace by military forces (especially when international military forces enforce a truce between hostile groups or nations)

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The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, strongly condemned the attack which led to the deaths of two 'blue helmets' from Sri Lanka and injured six others.
Critics of Ethiopia says its participation in blue helmet missions in Liberia, Burundi, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and other conflict zones is considerably more successful than its efforts to create democracy and stability at home.
And as Moran removed his blue helmet, he added: "And I live in Rockaway Beach.
But significantly, the resolution even specified they were not to be UN peacekeeping troops, but rather "international observers" not under UN Blue Helmet command.
On Thursday, the UN's official Facebook page posted a message thanking the Kingdom's military personnel for their 'service and sacrifice', alongside a photo of a smiling female Cambodian 'blue helmet' in front of her peacekeeping comrades.
Probers said the victim was standing in front of the justice hall after attending a court hearing at around 9:15 am when he was approached by a lone suspect wearing black jacket and blue helmet, and shot the victim several times with a pistol,
The 55-year-old actor was pictured in a blue polo shirt, jeans and a blue helmet while his wife wore a tight blue T-shirt and ripped jeans.
The robbers are described as white, around 20 years old, one wearing a orange or red helmet and the other a blue helmet.
Our exclusive pictures, taken by Tigers chief Ian Adam, show how Smith (blue helmet) hit Scunthorpe's Ben Wilson (yellow and black helmet) after he locked up going into the third corner.
One of the men was wearing a vivid blue helmet and the other a red helmet.
Diplomats said the UN Security Council could start talks within days on moves that would probably incorporate African troops now gathering in Mali into a formal blue helmet force.
Personally, I would like to see the return of the Blue Helmet. Peter [MacKay] could still get his photo ops sitting in an observation post rather than in a mock-up of a billion-dollar toy.
"So during matches we have started to give one a red helmet and the other a blue helmet to wear so we can distinguish between them!
The cameras also showed the taller robber, Jones, wearing a helmet with a distinctive black and white pattern, while Craven, smaller and darker skinned, had on a vibrant blue helmet and black trainers with a distinctive stripe.
The Blue Helmet written by William Bell (Doubleday Canada)