Eucalyptus globulus

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tall fast-growing timber tree with leaves containing a medicinal oil

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I've experimented with large tree varieties such as mango, cashew and Tasmanian blue gum eucalyptus, and I have been growing them in 10 to 15 gallon plastic pots with the bottoms cut out.
They'll use snowberry branches, lotus pods, and seafoam branches with blue gum eucalyptus leaves; filbert branches with rosette cones; or red dogwood with sea holly flowers.
(blue gum eucalyptus, hereafter 'blue gum') was the most widely planted species within the genus, and mainly occurs in grasslands and some previously forested areas.
pryoriana is particularly at risk, but Koalas also can impact on Swamp Gum Eucalyptus ovata, Southern Blue Gum Eucalyptus globulus and River Red Gum Eucalyptus camaldulensis.