Iris versicolor

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a common iris of the eastern United States having blue or blue-violet flowers

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Some native plants that love to have wet feet are buttonbush, pickerel weed, blue flag iris, lizard's tail, jewelweed, mist flower, Joe Pye weed, turtlehead, pitcher plant, and swamp rose mallow.
The yellow and blue flag iris are the most popular irises grown in prairie water garden features.
In that damp spot in the sun where nothing else will grow, you can plant the wild blue flag iris (combine it with the European yellow flag iris).
Viola Ox-eye daisies Foxglove Poppy & Iris Stunning scarlet poppies and electric blue flag iris are great bedding fellows Bluebells Wildflower meadow Primroses
For maximum impact you need a watertight container, one small water lily, an upright marginal such as blue flag iris, a surface-spreading marginal like Veronica beccabunga, and a floating aquatic such as parrot's feather or a Japanese pond lily.