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Each team is constituted of seven players (three Chasers, two Beaters, one Keeper and the Seeker) and there are four balls (the Quaffle, two Bludgers, and the infamous Golden Snitch).
Mr Faulkner reiterated it was dangerous for both New Zealand and Australia to promote the bludger stereotype.
William Bowe had been completing a PhD in political science and writes the blog The Poll Bludger.
Pipes buckled because the ground around them had moved," said one bludger.
I don't like asking for help or feeling like a bludger, but I've got no choice.
In "The Ex," Kate Bristow does a humorous job of using modern Australian vernacular to convey both the womanising bludger qualities of an ex-husband with her own sense of exile from the man with whom she was once tied:
Does each player have an equally likely chance of catching the Snitch, scoring the Quaffle, being hit by a Bludger, and dodging a Bludger?
A number of animated personalities can be downloaded on to the desktop including Bludger, Quaffle and Golden Snitch.
She later joined the ensemble of sketch show The Wedge, which portrays stereotypical bogan characters including Leanne and Sherine (Wilson and Kate Jenkinson), who spend their days playing poker machines while Sherine's seven 'bloody kids' are left in the car park; delusional dole bludger Henry Bumstead (Adam Zwar); and hapless professional athlete Mark Wary (Jason Gann), who parodies Australian cricketers and footballers.
The hope is that Mason will return in a couple of weeks, though even if he is not back to face the Titans, the British & Irish Cup double header with Gala might be conveniently timed for Moseley's most powerful bludger to come back refreshed and revitalised for the festive appointments with Nottingham and Jersey.
Elsewhere, analysis of polling data and election results is carried out on several psephology-focused blogs, from the Crikey-hosted sites Pollytics and The Poll Bludger (and their respective pre-Crikey incarnations) to The Tally Room, Mumble (originally independent, now hosted by The Australian) and the ABC's Antony Green.
If hit by a Bludger, players must drop any ball they are holding and run around their team's goal hoops - to simulate the amount of time it takes to fall off a broom.
While Philip Mendes has correctly identified the dole bludger as existing alongside the neo-liberal push that occurred in the early-to-mid 1970s, further work needs to be done to provide a detailed analysis of the relationship between the two phenomena.
So as I said at the outset, Neville, while I try to stay good humoured about such questions because the assumption always is that New Zealand is some kind of bludger which doesn't spend.