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Each team is constituted of seven players (three Chasers, two Beaters, one Keeper and the Seeker) and there are four balls (the Quaffle, two Bludgers, and the infamous Golden Snitch).
Mr Faulkner reiterated it was dangerous for both New Zealand and Australia to promote the bludger stereotype.
Other political blogs active during the 2009 Queensland state election campaign included Antony Green's election blog, the Courier-Mail's Pineapple Politics, Ambit Gambit, Larvatus Prodeo, Pollytics and the Poll Bludger. As Gimmler (2001: 30) distinguishes between the public sphere, constituted largely of the mass media that divide 'speakers' and 'consumers', and the deliberative public sphere, which includes the independent media, both Pineapple Politics and Antony Green's election blog were excluded from this analysis.
In fact it's a scandal the author hasn't scooped every award going already, lock, stalk and "bludger".
"When playing, standing still is not an option as doing so will certainly catch the eye of a beater and a bludger will be heading your way," Vale said.
One day he came into the so called hospital, and gave me a serve, casting reflections on my ancestry, and calling me a "Catholic Bludger etc.".
"Pipes buckled because the ground around them had moved," said one bludger. "Water and waste from flushed toilets would have backed up and overflowed.
One attributed this to poor health while another saw themself as 'now a dole bludger'.
'I don't like asking for help or feeling like a bludger, but I've got no choice.' (Male, aged 25, Swanston Street, 7 April 2005)
In "The Ex," Kate Bristow does a humorous job of using modern Australian vernacular to convey both the womanising bludger qualities of an ex-husband with her own sense of exile from the man with whom she was once tied:
* Does each player have an equally likely chance of catching the Snitch, scoring the Quaffle, being hit by a Bludger, and dodging a Bludger?
A number of animated personalities can be downloaded on to the desktop including Bludger, Quaffle and Golden Snitch.
(40.) Contemporary surveillance measures include various state and social institutions, commercial and credit corporations' access to personal information, services such as 'dole bludger' hot lines, security systems, neighbourhood watches, and can be extended to include 'vigilante television shows' such as America's Most Wanted, Cops and Australia's Most Wanted.
THE WEEK THAT WAS p6 ...JK Rowling invented the brookstick-flying game Quidditch after a fight with her boyfriend, saying that at the time, she probably wanted him to be hit by a bludger!