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Synonyms for blower

Synonyms for blower

a device that produces a current of air

a fan run by an electric motor

large aquatic carnivorous mammal with fin-like forelimbs no hind limbs, including: whales

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Fans form the main component of engine cooling systems while blowers are heart of the vehicle HVAC systems.
The project with HR Blowers and the university, which has a value of PS200,000, sees engineering graduate Euan Armstrong based at the company as KTP associate, supervised by Prof Mishra.
Atlas Copco Compressors showcased its range of low pressure blowers for the wastewater industry at the 2014 Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (Weftec) at the New Orleans Morial Convention Centre, Weftec is the wastewater industry's flagship tradeshow.
When Mrs Hind and her husband arrived they found Mrs Blowers had suffered burns to her bottom lip, gums and roof of the mouth and noticed she had been sick.
Both Oshkosh high-speed blowers feature a 470 hp chassis engine and 650 hp dedicated blower engine that can throw as much as 5,000 tons (4,534 metric tons) of snow per hour.
But it gave us Blowers, a twinkling charmer in soft-soled shoes; a chap more English than a pavilion clock whose voice has ripened like a russet apple in a sunny orchard, brushed occasionally by a hint of hanky-panky.
Nautilair[R] variable speed brushless DC blowers have been engineered to deliver a measured air/fuel mixture in gas-fired burner systems for optimized combustion and reduced nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions.
Vessels have to discharge more often to meet demand, meaning more cycles and start/stops at the blowers.
Service directive SD-BCT-030, Rev 2, provides the full scoop, including how to turn in removed Rev G blowers.
Taylor last year asked the council to consider banning leaf blowers from the city limits.
We've lived where we are for 35 years and ours is a quiet old West Los Angeles neighborhood, or used to be, before the giant new box houses and the leaf blowers came.
Researchers tested several blowers against lice and their eggs, or nits, on 169 children with head lice.
Offers a series of desiccant dryers capable of drying material to -40 F dewpoint with high efficiency blowers.
Each set of 20 Fushun retorts shares one condensing and cooling system equipped with two recuperators (one at combustion, one at heating), two gas blowers (one at work, one standby) and two air blowers (one at work, one standby).
We scouted out this season's hottest mowers, blowers, and trimmers.