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a hand-held electric blower that can blow warm air onto the hair

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Gretchen styles herself like Letty Aquanets the thin blonde hair skyward and sets the lanky mess with her mom's blowdryer. Gretchen is lookin good these days you would never know she was a dirty sow as a child.
A roll-call at the mike, for some of the liveliest poets in Aloud, is a shout for building the poetry audience through the sound of words and nothing else-Paul Beatty, Sparrow, Eileen Myles, Jennifer Blowdryer, Pauly Arroyo, Pedro Pietri, Edwin Torres, Maggie Estep, Adrienne Su, Willie Perdomo and hundreds of others.
"This is how we blowdry hair in Brunei," Jackie Palomo says as he goes through his customer's hairhis right hand holding a round brush, his left a blowdryer on cool setting.
"They had to get him a new jacket and even broke out a blowdryer."
He told me: "I learned my lesson from the first Band Aid single, it looked like a blowdryer's convention.
Get yourself one step closer to the `just stepped out of a salon' look and treat your locks to a brand new blowdryer.
These ingredients work with the heat of a blowdryer to improve the condition of the hair.
He's a great cutter, nice blowdryer and a really friendly bloke.
Get yourself one step closer to the 'just stepped out of a salon' look and treat your locks to a brand new blowdryer.
Irons and blowdryers are the main reason that hair gets damaged.
Roel Andag, the 42-year-old founder of San Julian Pride, said members had to use blowdryers so the paint would dry quickly.
The snug will be pitching up at Metro Centre from 3rd - 6th November, so why not pop along to enjoy some toasty treats, including heated massage chairs, hot blowdryers and steaming cups of tea?
Mackmin's staging bravely and rightly shuns glamour (the excellent sets and costumes are by Lez Brotherston): dresses are appropriately sack-like, and lipsticks and blowdryers clearly have been banned from backstage.
The company has recently added panthenol, proteins and UV filters to European Formula products to address both the everyday factors that can cause hair to become dull and lifeless, and the damage inflicted by blowdryers and curling irons.