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SWINDON TOWN'S stuttering promotion bid was dealt another shuddering blowby in-formGrimsby at Blundell Park.
The Cummins Filtration CCV systems are designed to filter the crankcase emissions that are the result of blowby, which occurs when high-pressure gases and oil that escape past the piston rings and enter the crankcase during engine operation.
This was done to assist the wad in sealing the propellant gases behind it, reducing blowby of the powder gases and subsequent voids in the shot swarm.
Also, the smaller bullet may not seal the bore, allowing gas blowby. The smaller bullet may also allow extra gas flow past the bullet in the throat and forcing cone, increasing leading and erosion.
"Laser honing of cylinders produces a superior surface match with piston rings that reduces friction blowby and wear," explains Olaf Tessarzyk, president and CEO, Gehring L.P., Farmington Hills, MI.
The collection efficiency of the CF was separately assessed by heating soil and pyrene at 1,000 [degrees] C and neat pyrene at 650 [degrees] C, and by collecting the CF effluent (blowby) in gas sampling bags (Supelco, Bellefonte, PA).
Besides the impressive durability of individual components, the engine was found to be only 3.5% down on its original rated power, while oil pressure was a healthy 3.17 bar and blowby had improved.
Kollin's theory is that before the cylinder is broken in, it has about 10 times the combustion blowby that a fully broken in cylinder would have.
There's no reason why you can't use Soot Master for other cleaning chores, including wiping away exhaust blowby grime from antennas, landing gear and other components.