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  • noun

Synonyms for blowup

a violent release of confined energy, usually accompanied by a loud sound and shock waves

a sudden violent expression, as of emotion

Synonyms for blowup

a violent release of energy caused by a chemical or nuclear reaction

a photographic print that has been enlarged

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We certainly consider these results to be "elementary", but we were not able to find in the literature a proof of the functoriality of the blow-up in this generality.
Those blow-ups can have a positive effect on the team in their next game, once the air had been cleared.
For the FADER 60 Spring Style issue release party we took over an empty gallery on Spring Street, hung up photo blow-ups from previous fashion stories and brought in New Jersey's Brick Bandits to play a heavy selection of classics (and that one Marilyn Manson song).
He possesses half of the chips in play at one point, only to turn kamikaze and perform one of the biggest blow-ups in recent poker history, eliminating himself in fourth position for a EUR600,000 payday.
Large-scale photo blow-ups lifted from a treasure trove of black and white prints given to the artist by his grandmother, as well as historic photographs he collects, animate these works to place African Americans at the center of American and world history.
Basically, they should be likened to "B" movie artists who are judged by the number of car crashes, blow-ups and the amount of brain matter spattered around by bullets.
This book is exquisitely produced and an eye for detail is shared with the viewer in large blow-ups that begin each chapter.
At night, when he's not escorting one of these ladies to a cultural function her husband despises, Car hangs out at his Arab paparazzo boyfriend Emek's (Moritz Bleibtrau) grungy studio, where the photographer is working on a fine art project involving blow-ups of nude men from Abu Ghraib prison.
Initially, this may keep the rider from having to deal with blow-ups.
Blow-ups from various formats look fine on the big screen, and final song, by Morten Naess, provides a powerful coda.
Former Federal Reserve Governor Lyle Gramley, appearing with Duncan during an economic press briefing, said that the signs point to a brief and moderate slowing of growth--barring no "geopolitical blow-ups.
That more than any of his infamous close calls and blow-ups in the game's biggest individual events will define his career.
3 More Energy for 18 Holes: One of the biggest culprits of back nine blow-ups is loss of energy resulting in reduced powers of concentration, poor mental confidence and bad swing mechanics.
the club did go from sub-basement to being contenders for the '74 division, but along the way witnessed so many blow-ups from the self-styled "Little Dago" that it hardly mattered.