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Synonyms for blowlamp

a burner that mixes air and gas to produce a very hot flame

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Here too, the waiter whipped up his blow torch to trigger a mini explosion.
Suburban residents tempted to thaw out frozen pipes using gas heaters and blow torches are urged to take caution to avoid setting their houses or businesses on fire.
She was upset because a supporter of Mr Corbyn had sent her a message online which she understood as a threat to take a blow torch to her neck - one of a number of threats or abusive messages the MP has received.
To remove a barrel whose extension had been Loctited in place with Green 620, heat the receiver threads with a blow torch, hold the barrel near its midpoint and tap the receiver with a wooden or plastic mallet, section of regular 2x4, or something similarly soft to drive it off.
But not with a fancy blow torch - they have to use a grill, resulting in some panicked looks.
Add a sprinkle onto the top of the mac and use a blow torch to crisp or transfer the mixture into a baking dish, top with crumbs and bake for 15 minutes.
A suspected World War II bomb exploded in the Thai capital as scrap metal workers tried to cut it open with a blow torch, killing at least seven people and injuring 19, police said.
A blow torch is lit, ensuing scenes see things burst into flames, and we find out the answer is Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos.
Dollop a tablespoon of meringue mix onto each doughnut then flash them under a hot grill or use a blow torch (very exciting) to brown the tops.
3 Put 1 tsp of caster sugar on top of each rice pudding and caramelise with a blow torch. If you do not have a blow torch you can make a separate caramel in a saucepan and pour on top of each pudding.
Using a blow torch burn the sugar evenly and leave to set hard.