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Synonyms for blowhole

the spiracle of a cetacean located far back on the skull

a hole for the escape of gas or air

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Low pouring temperatures, manganese sulfide inclusions and slag from the ladle or from turbulent metal flow also cause slag blow hole defects.
Since the TENBLOC alloy is mixed to precise grades and chemistry, it is virtually guaranteed to eliminate chemical segregation, slag, blow hole, cold lap and shrinkage defects common to other solid cast inserts.
South American bathers had been teasing a dolphin by prodding sticks down its blow hole.
Tenders are invited for Dynamic Balancing And Ultrasonic Testing For Internal Cracks, Blow Hole Of Rotors Of 02 Nos Of Magnetorque Of P And H 1900Al Shovel At Rrws Of Block-Ii Area
30 m depth (about 4 000 m), - use of drills with a total weight of less than 12 tonnes, - deliver / deliver explosives (about 1 250 kg), - occupy and blow holes (158 pcs.
Video footage (below) has taught the experts more about whales, including that they "feed in water far deeper than expected, and they may use their blow holes to create openings in the ice to breathe.
introduction was a white beluga whale, who "sing" through breathing through their blow holes.
The trip might include swimming in the sea, scrambling over rocks, walking on beaches, climbing cliffs and blow holes and jumping off again.
It is easy, of course, to blow holes in the argument because United don't triumph in must-win matches.
The city and its surrounding area are rich in history and visitors can explore iconic sites such as Job's Tomb,one of the lost palaces of the Queen of Sheba, the blow holes of Mugsail, the frankincense trail and many more.
All water activities are available from skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, surfing, you name it -- it's on offer, and there are also instructional facilities if you just want to try something new having never had the opportunity beforeOn the south shore route, stop at the famous Blow Holes and watch sea spray high into the air (sometimes it can reach in excess of 15 feet) close by the entrance to the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Park.
Chidambaram, telecom minister Kapil Sibal and information and broadcasting minister Manish Tewari ready to blow holes into the 2G spectrum scam loss amount calculated by the country's top auditor.
Ahmed Saeed Al Badi, 19, was among a group of five friends, including his older brother Yusuf, who drowned after swimming in the sea near the Mughsail Blow Holes, a popular tourist spot in Salalah City, Oman, on September 2.
At around 3pm on Sunday, the police control room was alerted by a citizen about five people drowning at sea near the Mughsail Blow Holes, a popular tourist spot.
Defects including blow holes, scratches, and porosity can be readily detected by the system.