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Synonyms for blowhole

the spiracle of a cetacean located far back on the skull

a hole for the escape of gas or air

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Another type of defect often detected in gray iron castings is the slag blow hole. This defect typically is found on the cope surface of the casting or on the internal surfaces adjacent to the core of the casting.
It is through these "blow holes" that the females slide under the ice and into the water, their real home.
He emerges from the water several times in a spectacular display called breaching, before flapping his enormous tail and spraying water from his blow hole.
KEMPTON: 6.20 Tadlil, 6.50 Sayyaaf, 7.20 Pop Music, 7.50 Blow Hole, 8.20 Scuba, 8.50 Soviet Sceptre, 9.20 Tamdiid.
Ogre bids for a five-timer in the Handicap, but Jeremy Noseda's Blow Hole is taken to spoil the party.
"It was still clearly moving and you could see it using its blow hole. But shortly after its blow hole was submerged and it wasn't blowing.
A man in his 60s was electrocuted by a fallen cable in a field close to Wembury, near Plymouth, Devon, just before 1pm while the search for a holiday-maker washed into heavy seas in Cornwall after climbing down cliffs to look at a "blow hole" has been called off.
Meanwhile, the search for a holidaymaker washed into heavy seas after climbing down cliffs to look at a "blow hole" has been called off.
"There was blood coming from the blow hole. That is normally a sign of stress or lung injuries.
Wolverhampton 6.45 Scripted, 7.15 Bridge Of Fermoy, 7.45 Expensive Art, 8.45 Blow Hole, 9.15 Alfrettando.
And a 24-year-old man, from Derby, vanished at Trevone beach near Padstow, Cornwall, on Hogmanay when he was hit by a wave after climbing into a blow hole on a cliff top.
That you're on a potential blow hole above a seething sea of magma, from which, should it decide to have a mind to that day, a great burst of the earth's molten core might explode - kaboom!
Today he saddles Blow Hole at Nottingham in the 3.50
A MAN, 24, from Derby, was swept to his death as he climbed down cliffs near Padstow, Cornwall, to look at a blow hole on Sunday.