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absorbent paper used to dry ink


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Sowing was performed on blotter paper and sand, autoclaved and kept in transparent plastic boxes (11.0 x 11.0 x 3.5 cm), and the substrates were moistened with distilled water using a volume equivalent to 2.5 times the dry weight for the paper and 60% of the retention capacity for sand (Brasil, 2009).
In the blotter paper method, pair of sterile white blotter papers of 8.5 cm diameter was soaked in sterile distilled water and were placed in pre-sterilized petri plates of 90 mm diameter.
were isolated in higher frequency from blotter paper method as compared to agar plate.
Following the discontinuation of Hollingsworth and Vose ERT FF3 blotter paper in late 2010, EDANA's ad-hoc task force made the decision, in its meeting on 31st August, that the Ahlstrom Grade 989 appears to be the closest possible substitute for the discontinued paper; but that it cannot be seen as an equivalent, due to differences in its strike through time and in its liquid absorption capacity among other, less important factors.
Then we dried it between blotter paper and I manually smoothed the folds.
Carefully open the map on top of the blotter paper. It will rip a little.
Often, it's added to decorated blotter paper and divided into small squares which are then chewed and swallowed.
The achenes were placed on either blotter paper or unpasteurized washed river sand in 9cm plastic petri dishes, with 50 achenes per petri dish, and randomly assigned to treatments.
First, most LSD was circulated on tiny squares of blotter paper (and still is).
Start seeds in seedling cells covered by one and a half inches of well-draining planting mix, or on a sheet of moist blotter paper. Grow in open daylight, but not on a windowsill where they may become overheated.
Sandwich the flowers or leaves between two pieces of blotter paper set between pieces of corrugated cardboard in a flower press.
A technician merely pricks a newborn's heel and places a drop of a newborn's blood on a small piece of absorbent blotter paper that is later analyzed to rule in or out all manner of threats to the baby's future.