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an inner circle of writers and artists and philosophers who lived in or around Bloomsbury early in the 20th century and were noted for their unconventional lifestyles

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The Bloomsbury set was an informal group of free thinkers that included the likes of Virginia Woolf, E.M.
THE BLOOMSBURY SET Chalky colours, smudgy pastels, vases of flowers and a little bit of elegant clutter will help to create artistic flair in your living room.
Whether exploring eternal questions, considering the Nazis, revisiting Virginia Woolf, or musing on the disingenuous nature of the camera, Muggeridge alternately charms and challenges his readers with a leveling wit that could describe a "ghastly weekend" in New York with a couple who later moved to "a remote suburb with a car and a flavour of death" just as easily as the "Bloomsbury set, now decidedly in fashion," or more unsparingly, the "two gimcrack prophets," Bertrand Russell and D.H.
The collection of letters and photographs - many of which are nude - belonged to the literary estates of Frances Partridge and Rosamond Lehmann, the writers, who were members of the Bloomsbury set.
For it is here that the Bloomsbury set, with their complicated relationships and bohemian lifestyle lived and loved
The marriage of the Imperial Russian Ballerina to the Cambridge economist and member of the precious 'Bloomsbury Set', must be one of the most exotic in British history.
Among those whose personal data was collected were then Prime Minister Herbert Asquith and Bloomsbury Set author Virginia Woolf.
In 1932 Harold Nicolson is forbidden by Reith to praise Ulysses or Lady Chatterley's Lover, and as the decade lengthens and political realities grow stark again, the fun and funky Bloomsbury set cede the airwaves, and the stage of Radio Modernism, to H.G.
She offers polite interest as he drones on about Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Set.
Unlike the Bloomsbury set, they despised foreign travel.
Bloomsbury set and, in particular, the overt homosexuality of Lytton
"Now say in this mood of mild disenchantment, Kirstein had gone to his friend and taste-mentor Virgil Thomson, who was a great friend of Ashton, who in turn was a fringe member of London's Bloomsbury Set, which Kirstein much admired.
Forty years earlier the influential Bloomsbury Set had challenged traditional sexual morality in their often witty writings and their lifestyle.
From next Tuesday to Thursday, Vita and Virginia (12A) takes us back to the Bloomsbury set in London in the 1920s for the story of how the scandalous and sexually promiscuous socialite, Vita Sackville-West pursued and seduced the writer Virginia Woolf.