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an inner circle of writers and artists and philosophers who lived in or around Bloomsbury early in the 20th century and were noted for their unconventional lifestyles

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The Bloomsbury Group, for all its controversy, was a group that people aspired to be in.
The passages from "Old Bloomsbury" cited at the start of this essay came from a talk that Woolf was giving to members of the Bloomsbury group in the early 1920s, in the aftermath of the First World War and at a time when she, like many of her friends, felt increasingly distant from the new society in which they lived and nostalgic about the Edwardian years of their youth.
The Bloomsbury group, the set of early-20th century painters, intellectuals and writers who lived for art, literature and each other, is the subject of a new exhibition at the Huntington Library.
That might have pleased Virginia Woolf, who along with fellow Bloomsbury group novelist and discreet homosexual E.
The third section proposes that the work of the Bloomsbury group of Forster, Woolf, and Strachey offers a middle ground between "the Wastelander ethic of Arnold and Eliot" on the one hand and "the equal extreme of Joyce's hyper-Paterianism" on the other (7).
Much of it did, in fact, take place over cocktails; indeed, Bartley and the rest of the supply-side gang, including economists Robert Mundell and Arthur Laffer, formed a kind of pro-market, gin-swilling Bloomsbury Group, debating economic theory at Michael 1, a pseudo-swish lower Manhattan restaurant that I recall as being heavy on the Naugahyde.
A many-sided figure in addition to his contributions to economics he was a best-selling author, a Baron in the House of Lords, and a key member of Virginia Woolf's celebrated Bloomsbury Group Keynes was also one of the few men to master the financial markets in practice as well as in theory.
Following the lives (and many loves) of the famous Bloomsbury Group, friends who were pioneers of artistic and sexual freedom, it centres on painter Vanessa (Ness) Bell and her writer sister Virginia Woolf.
He was part of the Bloomsbury Group - a collection of creatives who heavily influenced 20th century culture.
Both sisters were members of the Bloomsbury Group of intellectuals who lived in that area of London in the early decades of the last century.
His artists, though not a coherent group per se, remain intertwined, compelling and complex, and emerge refreshingly intact from behind the shadows of Vorticism, Futurism and the Bloomsbury Group, which have hitherto almost entirely eclipsed them in the literature of the era.
An important collection of previouslyunpublished letters written by members of the Bloomsbury group fetched pounds 50,000 at auction yesterday.
Turnbaugh knew Duncan Grant personally and has published two books about him: the biography Duncan Grant and the Bloomsbury Group (Lyle Stuart, 1987), and Private: The Erotic Art of Duncan Grant (Gay Men's Press, 1989).
But locals were scandalised in 1916 when the notoriously 'arty' and daring Bloomsbury Group moved in and stayed for more than 50 years in an endless variety of sexual permutations.
Alastair Upton took the reins at the historic School Lane site this week having spent 10 years as director at the prestigious Charleston in East Sussex, which was home to the bohemian Bloomsbury group.