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a city district of central London laid out in garden squares

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Financial services provider Barclays disclosed on Friday that it has provided property company Lazari Investments Ltd with a bilateral facility of GBP227m to complete its purchase of the Brunswick Centre, an urban mixed use development in Bloomsbury, London.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 5, 2014-Barclays provides Lazari Investments Limited with facility of GBP227m for acquisition of The Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury, London
Leigh, Jacob, The Cinema of Eric Rohmer: Irony, Imagination, and the Social World, Bloomsbury, London, 2012, ISBN 9 7814 4119 8310, 384pp., A$45.00.
But he stopped taking the drugs he was prescribed after being jailed for theft last year and the delusions got worse when he returned to his wife in Bloomsbury, London.
RICHARD HERRING The Bloomsbury, London "CONTAINS winkie gags," the tour poster (almost) proclaims.
There was a huge turn-out at her funeral which took place at St George's Church, Bloomsbury, London. Then her coffin was transported by train to Morpeth, where she was laid to rest in the family grave in St Mary's Churchyard.
SUNDAY Antique and scientific instrument fair at the Holiday Inn, Coram Street, Bloomsbury, London, 10am-3pm.
His medals and a gold pocket watch are up for sale at Spink in Bloomsbury, London, tomorrow.
It's an impressive catalogue of local work and influences for a man born in Bloomsbury, London - and whose other achievements include the Palace of Westminster, the Big Ben clock tower, the interiors of the House of Lords and the Catholic Church of St Giles, Cheadle.
David Kynaston, Family Britain 1951-57, Bloomsbury, London, 2010.
The Locust and the Bird, ISBN 9780747599883, is published by Bloomsbury, London W1 (www.
OK, I had a soft landing at nearby Pratt Institute, where Bill MacDonald threatens his old school by being more-Columbia-than-Columbia (taking me back 16 years to a similar situation in Bloomsbury, London).
July 3-4: The Future of Wipes, Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London, U.K.
But that was from a former life, before he became Alexei Sayle, Novelist and Resident of Bloomsbury, London.
She was born Pauline Mackenzie-Kennedy in Bloomsbury, London in 1925, and studied history of art, drawing and painting before becoming an illustrator for ICI.