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a city district of central London laid out in garden squares

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Bloomsbury signed up JK Rowling, the books' author, after she was rejected by eight other publishers.
The company added that during the fiscal year it launched four new digital resources: Fairchild Books Library, The Fashion Photography Archive, Arcadian Library and Bloomsbury Popular Music.
The Bloomsbury set was an informal group of free thinkers that included the likes of Virginia Woolf, E.
From 2016, both Kalimat Group and Bloomsbury will publish ten books from the list of their individual partner.
There has long been an affinity between the Bloomsbury children's-book department and Kalimat Group; Bloomsbury employees hadbeen traveling to the Gulf to supporttheir partnership with the Qatar Foundation, which ran 2010-2015.
Bloomsbury acquired certain LexisNexis and Jordan family law publishing assets for up to a maximum consideration of GBP 1.
One expected "center" of modernist culture that continues to grip us is, of course, the Bloomsbury Group.
Thoroughly 'user friendly' throughout, "The Bloomsbury Introduction To Creative Writing" is also available in a hardcover edition (9781472578440, $94.
Its history in this role began in the decades after 1800, when the demolition of the Duke of Bedford's London house led to the development of the area north of Bloomsbury Square and the construction of Robert Smirke's new British Museum provided an intellectual hub.
The first two apps created for Bloomsbury were developed using the firm's StoryCreator technology have been launched on iTunes.
Bloomsbury, Modernism, and the Reinvention of Intimacy by Jesse Wolfe
Being south of Times Square even just five years ago may not have made sense for Bloomsbury, but the character of the neighborhood has completely changed to one that corporate users are now gravitating towards," Manoff said.
Any study of the Bloomsbury Group must of necessity follow behind a multitude of "lions.
BEST-SELLING cook books and further magic from Harry Potter helped publisher Bloomsbury report strong sales for its Christmas trading quarter.
Bloomsbury added that its Public Library Online initiative, an internet subscription service for libraries, also continued to grow with eight million people served in the UK and 17million elsewhere in Europe.