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a university town in south central Indiana

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Dave Ornstein, retired former Bloomington City attorney: I have no problem with that.
"The idea of a free market and the right to choose who provides that service for you is a very legitimate response," said Andrew Carlson, a Bloomington city councilor who supports overhauling the system.
Also in the downtown area is the Showers complex, once a furniture factory, now a multi-use redevelopment that includes CFC-managed commercial space, the Bloomington City Hall and Indiana University research-park space.
Brad Weissman, Great Wolf's regional vice president for hotel operations, said Thursday that the CEO's letter was sent to every member of the Bloomington City Council and the mayor.
Dave Ornstein, former Bloomington city attorney: I think that there will be some legislation that deals with health care.
Opponents include state environmental organizations such as the Hoosier Environmental Council, other advocacy groups, some county commissioners and chambers of commerce, many of the state's daily newspapers and the Bloomington City Council.
United Properties submitted the development application last Wednesday, Mike Centinario, a Bloomington city planner, said in an email.
Dave Ornstein, former Bloomington city attorney: From what I know, they are both intelligent.
"Seeing them reinvest in the site is very encouraging," said Nick Johnson, a Bloomington city planner.
David Ornstein, retired Bloomington city attorney: The bottom line with me was his opening statement, more than anything.
The apartments and Portillo's would tentatively receive final approval from the Bloomington City Council on Dec.
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