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United States linguist who adopted a behavioristic approach to linguistics (1887-1949)


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I have framed the above discussion around some of the controversies which were current during the heyday of Bloomfieldian structuralism, in the mid decades of the last century, concerning the criteria by which phonemes are to be identified.
His Kolami, a Dravidian Language (1955a) deals with an analysis of Kolami descriptively (structurally in Bloomfieldian terms) and also discusses its place in Central Dravidian, as well as providing an etymological index of Kolami words.
Within linguistics, the Bloomfieldian school was born (with
On the other hand, the intense cultural contacts of modern times diminish distances to such an extent that the old Bloomfieldian dichotomy between cultural and intimate borrowings has lost part of its validity.
In my view, authentic texts always provide a solid basis for outstanding grammatical descriptions, following the Bloomfieldian and Sapirian traditions of American descriptive linguistics.
At the very least, it is difficult to see how any of this gets us closer to understanding "why words behave as they do." In the Bloomfieldian tradition, translation and paraphrase of course played their parts, but mostly as ways for supplying identification-tags for forms and structures.