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Synonyms for hematuria

the presence of blood in the urine

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Sharpless pointed out bladder cancer as one example -- that health impact that would be highlighted with the image of bloody urine.
Bloody urine is an indicator of a disease, which can be treated.You know it is time to start weaning your calf from milk when:1) The calf weighs over 70kg.
She said they were looking at "a lot of sort of bloody urine".
This is well worth considering where the sufferer experiences renal colic and produces bloody urine in a thin weak stream.
The animal will show straining to urinate, bloody urine, inability to urinate, distension of ventral abdomen and tachycardia.
Signs including bloody urine and side pain should be absolutely evaluated in this patient group.
This study was performed on two hundred bloody urine and blood specimens were collected from200 Patient which selected patients to eliminate other causes of hematuria, the patients group comprised (149 male and 51 female age group 4 -46 years, who attending to different hospitals in Babylon governorate include Al-Hilla Teaching Hospital, Marjan Teaching Hospital, Babylon Hospital for Maternity and Children over period between April 2014 to December 2014.
The morning after, the Associated Press reported that the full toll of the punishment in Provodnikov's body was manifested in the bloody urine sample he submitted in the postfight doping test.
A twenty-four-year-old female patient was admitted to our clinic with the complaints of abdominal pain, nausea, fever, headache, urinary burning, and bloody urine. The patient had these symptoms for about one week with worsening of her symptoms over the previous few days.
Its symptoms include fever, bloody urine and nose bleeds.
Some of the precautions suggested by Dr Al-Sadd included watching out for symptoms, which could include severe pains and bloody urine.
Bloody urine, technically called "gross hematuria," is seen in 30-40% of children with a kidney stone.
He also emphasized that one of her Crossland Hotel co- workers testified to finding what appeared to be bloody urine and rags in wastebaskets of their employee restroom on Oct.