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Synonyms for epistaxis

bleeding from the nose

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The Bulgarian World Cup ace gave Valencia supremo Francisco Roig a bloody nose minutes after Atletico had won a King's Cup semi-final 5-3.
Despite difficulty walking and poor health, Dr Ronald Stewart-Nunn gave PC Kevin Lock a bloody nose and slashed him with car keys.
POLICE are appealing for more information about an incident in Oxford Street, Leamington, at 5.30pm on August 15 , in which a man in his 30s suffered bruising to his face and a bloody nose.
Labour leader Eamon Gilmore is absolutely right in urging us not to topple this crucial Treaty simply to give our leaders a bloody nose - all that will do is cut off our own.
But I think defeat is actually a nice bloody nose for United and their players, who remain top of the Premier League.
Barbados-born Rihanna, 21 next Friday, went into hiding when she was left with a bloody nose, swollen lip and bruised face.
Clearly, the Conservatives are soft on terror - and if it takes voting for some other ridiculous candidate to give them and the egotistical Davis a bloody nose, so be it.
But before Labour gets too big a bloody nose at polling stations, voters should think long and hard.
They'll make sure that anybody who comes sniffing around gets a bloody nose." That's fighting talk.
Louis told GMB: "I had a really bloody nose, someone took me home back to my front garden and I just saw Salah's car by our house.
Thurman downplays bloody nose !-- -- Dino Maragay (Philstar.com) - July 21, 2019 - 5:17pm LAS VEGAS Keith Thurman felt no need to push the panic button the moment Manny Pacquiao caught him with a booming right hook that bloodied his nose in the fifth round of their showdown here Saturday (Sunday, Manila time).
In an interview with a Malaysian television channel following Pakistan visit, he said Pakistan Army is very strong and the rivals will get bloody nose if they fight against them.
Give mainstream parties bloody nose WHILE we watch the political cabal in Westminster, working together to frustrate Brexit, they have finally agreed upon at least one thing which is more important to them than delivering on the referendum result.
A Watford fan has apparently been left in a "very bad way" and another with a bloody nose, according to one witness.
Bearing the brunt of Pacquiao's wrath was Arnold Gonzalez, who wound up with a bloody nose after going three rounds with boxing's only eight-division champion.