Bloody Mary

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daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon who was Queen of England from 1553 to 1558

a cocktail made with vodka and spicy tomato juice

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Awards will include a People's Choice Award chosen by attendee vote -- with more than 15 different vendors to choose from -- as well as formal judging by Chicago media personalities on the Best Bloody Mary and Best Garnish.
Method: Combine the vodka and Bloody Mary mix in a shaker filled with ice.
Add the Bloody Mary to the reduced oyster juices and then reduce by half leaving a thickened sauce.
Professor Chris Andrew and guests return for a counter-factual look at how things may have turned out if one historical event had gone another way - in this case, England returning to Roman Catholicism under Bloody Mary's son and ruling Spain, the Netherlands and parts of Italy.
Replace vodka with rum to conjure up a SAN JUAN BLOODY MARY: Combine one-and-one-half ounces of rum, four tablespoons of vegetable or tomato juice, two tablespoons of lime juice, four dashes of Worcestershire sauce, four dashes of Tabasco sauce and salt and black pepper to taste.
Admission: Advance: $25 (includes six 8-ounce Bloody Mary samples, Bloody Mary voting tickets and a mini Mason jar); at the door: $10 (admission only), based on availability
1558: Mary I, ''Bloody Mary'', died and was succeeded by Elizabeth I.
Montgomery of Alemein | 1558: Mary I, 'Bloody Mary', died and was succeeded by Elizabeth I.
The old routine The Bloody Mary's are back in suspenders and stockings
In Mix Shake Stir, bartenders from these and other Meyer restaurants share some of the best cocktails and bar food on their menus, from reinterpreted classics (Heirloom Bloody Mary, Pomegranate Gimlet) to innovative original creations (Thai Basil Bliss, Hang Thyme).
CHILLING out on a Sunday afternoon nursing that Saturday night hangover with a long cold Bloody Mary is the thing to do.
This week we look at three bars in the region where you can sit back and relax with a refreshing Bloody Mary.
CAREER: She has starred in Common As Muck, Absolutely Fabulous, several series with Harry Enfield, won a Cannes Best Actress Award for Nil By Mouth, played Martha in Mr Wroe's Virgins and Bloody Mary in the award-winning Elizabeth.
They were not the first or the last Protestants to die a ghastly death in a reign of terror unleashed by the Catholic queen whom history remembers as Bloody Mary.
Bloody Mary, trained by Richard Hannon and placed in the majority of her races, can break her duck in Windsor's Mistress Quickly Nursery (2.10).