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a serologic analysis of a sample of blood

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Routine medical procedures, such as a child's appendectomy or the need for diagnostic bloodwork, can just as easily lead to out-of-pocket costs that prevent employees from having the cash they need to make everyday purchases.
He was energetic, big into exercise, and felt fine--so he was totally floored when the results of routine bloodwork showed he had chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).
Bloodwork confirmed the pregnancy but US results showed no evidence of an intrauterine pregnancy.
Furthermore, having a comprehensive annual evaluation at your SCI/D center, including a check of your blood pressure, heart rate and bloodwork, is a critical function for health promotion, prevention, early identification and treatment of CAD.
The clinical information included family history; age and clinical presentation at the onset of symptoms; disease evolution; diagnostic workup including bloodwork, imaging, liver biopsy findings; and previously attempted therapeutic measures (with a focus on the use of UDCA) and surgical interventions such as partial external biliary diversion or liver transplantation.
The BNP, a bloodwork test, is a marker for acute heart failure and its severity.
The selected contractor will be responsible for responding to STAT bloodwork within a 4 hour window.
After many endless appointments and rounds of bloodwork, I met with an endocrinologist, a doctor who studies body chemistry and hormones.
The pharmacy Walgreens, which has 8,200 locations nationwide, made plans to use Theranos' bloodwork centers in all of them.
After chemotherapy is completed, all leukemia patients must be closely monitored through bloodwork for pancytopenia, and blood or blood product transfusion may be needed during the patient's nadir, or peak effect of chemotherapy on bone marrow production.
Finally, 12% of patients did not want to participate because they did not want additional testing, particularly if it required additional bloodwork or needles.
However, the urgent kidney surgery required was delayed for two weeks by the hospital administration due to medical tests such as an ultrasound, X-rays and bloodwork.
On presentation, her physical exam and routine bloodwork (including a complete blood count and chemistry profile) were entirely normal.
The results of the basic bloodwork are available almost immediately.