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a serologic analysis of a sample of blood

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It is likely that the specialist will recommend your husband have further bloodwork at three and six months to ensure that his condition remains stable.
Bloodwork will be reviewed for any electrolyte abnormalities that need correction.
Patients will have their bloodwork done three months after working with i2U.
In a DC or holistic physicians clinic, routine bloodwork will be ordered.
Using data analytics, the firm is then able to track which subtle changes in a patient's bloodwork may indicate they are ill.
Thanks to Norris' association with Fry, he was able to locate scientists who tested his land, reviewed the bloodwork results, and generated a thorough evaluation of his herd's needs.
While routine bloodwork can provide a clear conclusion, many may not realize an annual eye exam can prove useful in the early detection of diabetes.
Intraoperative bloodwork showed a hemoglobin of 89 g/l, platelet count of 84 x [10.sup.3]/[micro]l, ALT of 526 u/l, AST of 547 u/l, and haptoglobin of < 0.10 g/l.
"Throughout my entire journey, which lasted more than a year, I had two surgeries, two doses of radioactive iodine, some biopsies, countless neck ultrasounds, full-body scans and bloodwork," said Sowa.
The only interruption in his treatment was the result of the individual defying his doctor's orders and refusing to provide necessary bloodwork...
Gone are nearly automatic X-rays, EKGs and extensive bloodwork for everyone.
Initial bloodwork demonstrated significantly elevated aminotransferase and bilirubin levels and elevated international normalized ratio (INR) (Table 1).
The dog was due, anyway, but she explained that annual bloodwork is important for catching certain ailments that can occur in older dogs.
Go see your doctor, I told her, and get some bloodwork done.
"A family member's first response to my diagnosis was to tell me that I have always been a hypochondriac, and it must be something else--even when I had the bloodwork to prove it," she says.