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(b) The majority of Leydig cells have pyknotic nuclei ([up arrow]) around the bloodvessel (BV) (x1000).
These data agree with other works that show no alteration in pathologic bloodvessels after a cervical manipulation [44].
This means that many patients from the North East will get an opportunity to have access to the very latest interventions under trial, including newer and potentially more-effective clot busting medications, stenting-assisted clot removal from brain bloodvessels and ground breaking stem cell treatment.
Chazaud, "Bloodvessels and the satellite cell niche," Current Topics in Developmental Biology, vol.
I am writing this with bloodvessels bursting all over my body having let a gilt-edged opportunity to make a fortune go begging from Wednesday's live-on-Sky Romford dog action.
I'm not talking about the freakish weather inflicting pale, tattooed Buster Bloodvessels in England shorts, black socks and sandals on your eyes.
Diseases of the Cerebral Bloodvessels. In: Osler W.
Li, "Expression, regulation, and function of IGF-1, IGF-1R, and IGF-1 binding proteins in bloodvessels,"Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, vol.