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Synonyms for bloodsucker

one who depends on another for support without reciprocating

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Synonyms for bloodsucker

carnivorous or bloodsucking aquatic or terrestrial worms typically having a sucker at each end

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Reilly as a centuries-old bloodsucker in a traveling freak show.
Now there's a line-up that would ward off the bloodsuckers.
Companies in Germany: The Bloodsuckers" appeared on the cover of an IG Metall Union magazine.
Young ducklings, from the second day of their lives, go after those bloodsuckers all day long.
Then, when good old Y2K rolls around, just let those bloodsuckers try to collect.
Vampires may star in movies and television shows, but mosquitoes are the deadliest bloodsuckers around.
There is a take that has bloodsuckers in it that can suck all of the blood out of somebody and nobody can get the bloodsuckers off of them even after all of the blood has been sucked out of them and there is no blood left in them for the bloodsuckers to anymore suck out of them.
Meanwhile, at the Councilwoman's headquarters, Fet (Kevin Durand) is relaying the good news that The Master is dead and all they need to do now is kill all the bloodsuckers roaming the streets of New York. Just when they are busy talking strategy, the strigoi bombs explode, sending millions of white worms crawling on her employees.
5 How ironic that malaria campaigner George Osborne should spearhead the battle against lethal bloodsuckers while dropping all charges against bankers?
ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER 9.00pm, Film4 A young man destined to become one of America's greatest presidents witnesses his mother being killed by a vampire, and devotes his life to battling the undead and later discovers the bloodsuckers are the real power behind the Confederacy.
But in these post-Twilight days, cinema's bloodsuckers have emerged as misunderstood and (usually) sexually attractive heroes.
Then along came the Twilight series and the undead morphed into benign bloodsuckers who get their rhesus negative from animals or the blood bank.
get teeth Vampire Diaries ITV2, 10pm When the undead are this good-looking, we're still bloodsuckers for fang fiction.
Wednesday Blade II 5?, 9pm Guillermo del Toro brings his dark imagination to bear on the vampire hunter's second adventure, in which Wesley Snipes' hero teams up with the bloodsuckers to battle something worse...