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Synonyms for bloodsucker

one who depends on another for support without reciprocating

Synonyms for bloodsucker

carnivorous or bloodsucking aquatic or terrestrial worms typically having a sucker at each end

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Reilly as a centuries-old bloodsucker in a traveling freak show.
Now there's a line-up that would ward off the bloodsuckers.
Meanwhile, at the Councilwoman's headquarters, Fet (Kevin Durand) is relaying the good news that The Master is dead and all they need to do now is kill all the bloodsuckers roaming the streets of New York.
00pm, Film4 A young man destined to become one of America's greatest presidents witnesses his mother being killed by a vampire, and devotes his life to battling the undead and later discovers the bloodsuckers are the real power behind the Confederacy.
But in these post-Twilight days, cinema's bloodsuckers have emerged as misunderstood and (usually) sexually attractive heroes.
But in these post-Twilight days, cinema's bloodsuckers have come in from the cold to emerge as complex, misunderstood and (usually) sexually attractive heroes.
Then along came the Twilight series and the undead morphed into benign bloodsuckers who get their rhesus negative from animals or the blood bank.
get teeth Vampire Diaries ITV2, 10pm When the undead are this good-looking, we're still bloodsuckers for fang fiction.
Still, the chronicles about these bloodsuckers makes for great TV and every new episode has fans rejoicing.
Trouble-rousing bloodsuckers stroll into town and are unimpressed that Edward is involved with a human, and Bella finds her life is in danger.
However, when a number of trouble-rousing bloodsuckers stroll into town, they are far from impressed that Edward is involved with a human, and Bella finds her life is now in danger.
I hope now, with more vulnerable people, we finally see some decisive action and the sharks and bloodsuckers are reeled in.
wDAYBREAKERS (18) is yet another vampire film, though the clever difference is that most of the population are bloodsuckers.
As Viktor (Bill Nighy) continues to rule the bloodsuckers with an iron fist, an enslaved Lycan called Lucian (Sheen) rises up the ranks within the vampire stronghold.
From "Bram Stoker's Dracula" to "Interview With the Vampire," movie auds have turned bloodsuckers into stars.