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sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)

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Hamilton's "legal version" (165) about Salinger stands as a fine example, concludes Rollyson, of biography as bloodsport precisely because it represents all that is lost when a writer's courage and imagination fails him in the pursuit of knowledge about a life that both the biographer and the biographical subject find difficult.
Van Damme said the Belgian public's support came from the message of hope he had been sending ever since the release of his first film, Bloodsport.
Most Spaniards are opposed to this barbaric bloodsport, and we are urging tourists not to be fooled by the industry's propaganda.
From Hollywood hits to reality shows and doing bloodsport for real, Jean-Claude Van Damme is a champion fighter.
Bloodsport Jean Claude Van Damme stars in the highkicking adventure.
The incident has stayed with me all these years and had such a profound effect on me that I am completely opposed to any form of bloodsport and loathe hunting and shooting," he added.
The audience is not worked up over a football game or wrestling match; they're here for a verbose brawl, a battle of wits, metaphorical bloodsport, an endurance contest fought, won, and lost with the travel of words from mind to mouth to mic to the mob.
It craves a reprieve from the politics of bloodsport that prize clever calculation over courage, winning over principle, party label over national interest.
The movie, directed by Monte Hellman, won plaudits for the brooding performance by Warren Oates as a mute cocktrainer, although critics described the bloodsport scenes as "nauseating".
How tragic that, in a time when the majority of the voting population and their representatives in Parliament agree that killing foxes for pleasure is immoral and unnecessary, we still allow this other bloodsport to go unchecked.
Player groups, often called clans of guilds, have emerged as popular tools for protection, cooperative adventuring, and simple bloodsport.
The country-loving royal lobbied PM Tony Blair not to outlaw the bloodsport in a letter in 2002.
Contact: Bloodsport, (727) 234-4999, bloodsportarchery.
PHOEBE: She's really pushing him into this bloodsport just because she's into it.
This is to benefit people who want to pursue a sadistic bloodsport for fun" - Brian May, the Queen guitarist, attacks Government plans to change the rules over killing foxes.