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Synonyms for conjunctivitis

inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye

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Prosecutor Nicola Harris told Cardiff Crown Court, 'The mother noticed the baby was whimpering, his face was red and he had bloodshot eyes.
Voodoo walked away with a bloodshot eye, a scratched ear, a cut mouth and a damaged paw.
One of the 16 cats seen by the inspector had both eyes covered in mucus, another cat was very thin with no hair on its hind legs and a third had a huge swollen bloodshot eye.
He had a bloodshot eye, a distinctive accent - possibly Geordie - and was scruffy.
Mr Pickavance said the victim had a bloodshot eye and bruising to her neck, face and shoulders.
The shaken boy was found with a bloodshot eye and swollen face by police who called his mother.
Warren sported a bloodshot eye at the Glasgow fight, but refused to comment on the Record's revelations that he was attacked by Tyson over the unpaid bill and threatened legal action against the paper.
The exposed eyeball dries out and the result is a bloodshot eye.
He added that two of those assaulted had injuries including a bloodshot eye, cut lip and scratches.
The orangey surface is crackled and the large eyes have tiny dark lines in them consistent with the rest of the crackle but suggesting bloodshot eyes.
The complaint says the 37-year-old reality show star smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes and was unsteady.
WITH blotchy skin, bloated face and bloodshot eyes, it's glamorous TV presenter Lucy Owen as you've never seen her before - all in the name of a sobering health promotion.
Bloodshot eyes bleared back at him in the shaving mirror.
not particularly in If have a Police told the court he had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and staggered about after the incident.
and nobody had so he had to go on with bloodshot eyes," he told the BBC.