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the dried and powdered blood of animals

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Identification of bloodmeals in haematophagous Diptera by cytochrome B heteroduplex analysis.
If correctly used, the bednet forms a barrier between the mosquito and the person under the net, thereby preventing the mosquito from obtaining a bloodmeal.
anthracis mainly from infected animals and their products such as fur, skin, bloodmeal, or bonemeal.
Going back through my journals, I find big rainbows that ate my bloodmeal bait when I was targeting channel cats; hatchery rainbows that attacked crankbaits; and grayling that ate plastic grubs.
Key words: Sand flies, caloric reserves, biological potential, bloodmeal, insect vectors.
Preventative measures used include erecting 10-foot-high fences, placing dried bloodmeal around plants, and hanging pieces of bear hide to keep moose away (Anonymous 1998).
His German partners have developed a special "recipe" blending in other key organic ingredients such as bloodmeal and other higher value waste such as alcohol or sugar water into a process that can boost production to approximately 90 cubic metres of methane per tonne of material inputted.
We conclude that production of chlorophenols in ticks serves two purposes; to desalinate a salt-rich bloodmeal, and to produce compounds that serve as sex pheromones.
To assume that the only way to feed the soil is to ship in a bunch of high analysis fertilizers or fancy organic amendments like seaweed and bloodmeal is not sustainable (nor is it natural) on anything but a micro-scale.
Forty-three blood-fed specimens were tested separately for bloodmeal identification.
Human transmission primarily occurs when an infected bug defecates on a host during or shortly after taking a bloodmeal.
Bloodmeal identification by direct enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), tested on Anopheles (Diptera: Culicidae) in Kenya.
Adults can survive for up to 4 years and more than 1 year without a bloodmeal (bedbugs) or 4 to 6 months without a bloodmeal (Triatomine bugs).
organic fertilizer--a fertilizer that contains naturally occurring materials that are derived from plants or animals, for example, bloodmeal, bonemeal, different types of manures, and others.