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a breed of large powerful hound of European origin having very acute smell and used in tracking


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He felt like a man holding a fierce bloodhound in leash.
"Me and Huck's found Jubiter Dunlap's corpse all by ourselves with a bloodhound, after everybody else had quit hunting and given it up; and if it hadn't a been for us it never WOULD 'a' been found; and he WAS murdered too--they done it with a club or something like that; and I'm going to start in and find the murderer, next, and I bet I'll do it!"
Who can believe that animals closely resembling the Italian greyhound, the bloodhound, the bull-dog, or Blenheim spaniel, &c.--so unlike all wild Canidae--ever existed freely in a state of nature?
Instead of taking the footman, whose nose was human, and therefore useless in any emergency, I took the bloodhound with me.
I'll pull him down, like a bloodhound. Curse this iron on my sore leg!
Scarcely had he turned the corner of the Rue de la Juiverie when the boy rushed after him like a bloodhound on full scent.
He can manage me as he manages his wife and Laura, as he managed the bloodhound in the stable-yard, as he manages Sir Percival himself, every hour in the day.
``One is from Hexamshire; he is wont to trace the Tynedale and Teviotdale thieves, as a bloodhound follows the slot of a hurt deer.
It wasn't that they were cruel, or meant to hurt, or even stupid exactly; but she had always found that the ordinary person had so little emotion in his own life that the scent of it in the lives of others was like the scent of blood in the nostrils of a bloodhound. Warming to the theme, she continued:
Leaning back in the cab, this amateur bloodhound carolled away like a lark while I meditated upon the many-sidedness of the human mind.
Skittles Cardiff 2018/2019 W/e 24/8/18: Bloodhounds 262, EC Allstars 307; Dublin All Stars 284, Maltsters Wanderers 274; Oddballs 262, Likely Lads 259; Modernaires 270, Black & Ambers 260; Plough Cubs 245, Rascals 223; Aces 296, Mag Twelve 303; Five Nines 269, Robbers 241; Pineapple Doughnuts 279, Heath Hornets 267 (fixture reversed); North Boys 292, Woodies 276.
He is now the Hunt Master of the Three Counties Bloodhounds, which follow a human-laid scent.
Other attractions include The Highmoor Bloodhounds, Yorkshire's first pack of bloodhounds, who promote and pursue the sport of hunting a human quarry with a pack of bloodhounds bred and trained specifically for the purpose.
PETERSHAM -- Ray Jackson has nothing against German shepherds and other police dogs, but he offered a simple baseball analogy to explain what is different about bloodhounds.