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compensation paid to the family of a murdered person

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a reward for information about a murderer

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paid to a hired murderer

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What was done for the blood-money must be thoroughly undone.'
Meanwhile the people were gathered in assembly, for there was a quarrel, and two men were wrangling about the blood-money for a man who had been killed, the one saying before the people that he had paid damages in full, and the other that he had not been paid.
Let us take blood-money, a little more than is offered by the slayer, and we will say no more about it." Then do they haggle over the blood-money, for the dead was a strong man, leaving many sons.
KARACHI -- Sind High Court (SHC) on Tuesday directed the Sindh government to conduct amendment in rules and laws regarding the blood-money (Diyat) and ordered measurements to be taken for release of poor prisoners within 15 days.
Despite the help of private groups, the Philippine government has not yet raised the blood-money demanded by the family of the aggrieved party.
Monterona said Villamor was hoping to sign a blood-money agreement with the victim's family and that he was invited as part of the delegation.
Islamabad, Mar 21(ANI): The heirs of the two Pakistani men shot dead by CIA operative Raymond Davis in Lahore were not pressurised in any way to accept blood-money and pardon the American, their lawyer has said.