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Synonyms for bloodletting

the savage killing of many victims

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Synonyms for bloodletting

formerly used as a treatment to reduce excess blood (one of the four humors of medieval medicine)

indiscriminate slaughter

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Yet their one bout of blood-letting - sacking the patently under-qualified and under-skilled Joe Kinnear (pictured below) from his director of football role - obscures an issue that is every bit as baffling as his appointment and subsequent sacking.
NABATIEH: Thousands of Shiite Muslims gathered in central Nabatieh on Wednesday to take part in a centuries-old blood-letting ritual to mark the climax of Ashura.
Rhondda member Chris Bryant, the former Blairite who turned on his leader by co-ordinating a letter calling for him to quit - and sparking a disgraceful-yet-entertaining blood-letting episode - is rumoured to be staying at home.
However, if detected early, HHC is treated by blood-letting.
Chief executive Justin King, who engineered the boardroom blood-letting, received pounds 1.13 million, including a basic salary of pounds 675,000 and a pounds 385,000 bonus.
The needlestick pierced the nurse's glove and caused a deep, blood-letting injury on the anterior aspect of the left wrist.
For thousands of years they were used as an alternative treatment to blood-letting (an antiquated and now abandoned practice of draining blood to cure diseases) and amputations.
It is imperative that Jews and Palestinians learn to co-exist and respect each other's religions and cultures because the endless blood-letting is achievingandprovingnothing.
However, one jealous character castrates himself when his woman departs from the house, resulting in a protracted sequence of screaming and blood-letting, watched by small children.
But there will be no blood-letting, Shinya told ComputerWire, "I don't think we're in the lay-off mode," he said.
EVERYTHING else to do with the on-track pitch revolution has either been introduced without too much blood-letting, or is on course.
It will be argued against such old-fashioned positivism that it views the complexities of ritual through the rose-tinted glasses of progress: enlightened ("civilized") folk do not go in for ritual blood-letting. But blood there is, and an uncircumcised Moses in Exodus must become "a bridegroom of blood" in order to please an angry God.
Readers who manage to wade through all the war stories, chest-puffing, and blood-letting will find buried in About Face a stinging indictment of America's performance during the Vietnam war.