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It provides direct evidence of a mechanistic link between TMAO levels and risk for blood-clotting events like heart attack and stroke, the major culprit for the development of cardiovascular events," Dr.
Conjugating PolyXen(r) to therapeutic blood-clotting factors aims to improve pharmacokinetic profile and extend active life in order to reduce the frequency of injections required to treat blood-clotting disorders such as haemophilia A.
They needed blood-clotting technology, and a tourniquet that wounded soldiers could apply to themselves, said Dr.
Also, sildenafil made platelets clingier only when natural blood-clotting stimulants were present.
It's not just atherosclerosis--the clogging of arteries by "plaques" (deposits of fats, calcium, blood-clotting material, and cellular debris).
"For decades, people have known that blood-clotting proteins have to bind to a cell membrane in order for the clotting reaction to happen," said James Morrissey.
This protein changes the blood-clotting enzyme thrombin into a form that actually prevents unwelcome clotting.