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This is the first real insight at an atomic level of how most of the blood-clotting proteins interact with membranes, an interaction that's known to be essential to blood clotting," Morrissey said.
Conjugating PolyXen(r) to therapeutic blood-clotting factors aims to improve pharmacokinetic profile and extend active life in order to reduce the frequency of injections required to treat blood-clotting disorders such as haemophilia A.
There are two types of blood-clotting bandages, said MSG Michael Brochu, Hammer's senior enlisted advisor: the fibrin dressing and the chitosan dressing.
It's not just atherosclerosis--the clogging of arteries by "plaques" (deposits of fats, calcium, blood-clotting material, and cellular debris).
The NHA is viewed by researchers to be important because it could provide insight into the whole blood-clotting process--simultaneously in one test.
This protein changes the blood-clotting enzyme thrombin into a form that actually prevents unwelcome clotting.
It provides accurate and convenient measurement of blood-clotting time, or PT/INR values.