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a blood clot formed within a blood vessel and remaining attached to its place of origin

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And Wyeth (Madison NJ) said the agency once again denied approval of its osteoporosis drug bazedoxifene, requesting additional information on stroke and blood-clot issues.
The knowledge that proteins in the same family often share similar structures has provided researchers a way of tinkering with a natural blood-clot dissolver in hopes of making it last longer in the body.
For a period of more than 40 hours, he did n ot leave his home, and he stirred only occasionally for refreshments." Such bowl-game watching, they note, may be a previously unrecognized blood-clot risk factor.
So inflammation caused by cancer could lead to increased thrombin levels and, as thrombin is a blood-clotting agent, this could explain why cancer patients are more likely to suffer from blood-clots. The scientists believe this new mechanism of gene regulation may apply to other genes, too.