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a segmented marine worm with bright red body

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There is nothing sinister about blood worm and joker (being midge larvae they are most natural of all baits) but they do take effort to collect because they live in farm ponds.
Beamish: Black Buzzer, Blood Worm, Yellow Dancer, Cats Whisker.
Altogether there were about 100 fish in the net, all caught on an 11 metre pole with blood worm over neat joker.
Nymphs: Black or Olive Buzzer, Pheasant Tail, Damsel, Blood Worm and Hares Ear.
On the cold days blood worm and olive Fritz may do the trick.
Bennett, captain of the Saints match group, was up against some of the best blood worm specialists in the country but stole a start by catching bream on punch bread hookbait.
Conroy got off to a slower start and was fishing with blood worm and joker at 13 metres and caster at 14metres, working both swims throughout, changing from one to another as bites eased off.
A blood worm and joker over leam with pole produced the gold for individual winner Sandra Scothorne, the wife of Woodlands record holder Alan Scothorne MBE.
The 11-year-old son of well known north west angler Jimmy Hines and fishing for the Wirral-based Saints match group, was using blood worm in match conditions for the first time and took 6lb of small silver fish from a peg behind the container base on the Kraft arm of the canal in Manchester.
l Blood worm and joker enticed fish in the Lancashire Winter League practice open on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal at Dover Lock - and Steve Conroy (Warrington) won by seven ounces with a 9lb 11oz total from peg 26, putting together 25 skimmers and 20 small roach, to win pounds 150.
For a treat, give them brine shrimp or blood worms. Yum!
"They digest blood worms and set bait known as boilies - which can be chocolate or coconut flavoured or fluorescent to attract them.