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Blood vessels are observed this way to assess how far tumors have invaded and therefore how best to treat a particular patient's stomach cancer.
Choosing an even tighter target, Erkki Ruoslahti of the Burnham Institute for Medical Research in Santa Barbara, Calif., and his colleagues covered iron nanoparticles with a peptide they designed to adhere to proteins found only in tumor blood vessels.
Stroke can be subdivided into two types: * Ischemic stroke: caused by blockage of the brain blood vessels due to clot formation and accounting for approximately 84% of all stroke cases.
These results not only serve to solve a profound scientific mystery, but hold great promise for preventing and curing blinding eye disease and illnesses such as cancer, in which blood vessels grow abnormally and uncontrollably, since this phenomenon, normally present in the cornea, can be used therapeutically in other tissues.
He then proceeded to describe the gross pathological characteristics of acute inflammation: weal, brief blood vessel constriction, followed by blood vessel dilation and associated redness.
Today, he says, it's most likely that there are two primary causes of dementia: an Alzheimer's disease type "pathology," represented by the neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques of the disease, and vascular dementia, resulting from significant changes in blood vessels in the brain.
They make the heart bent faster and cause blood vessels to narrow--which can make you feel nervous and jittery.
MC: The overall focus of my research is to treat diseases associated with blood vessels, which would include a wide range of therapies and diseases.
In wet AMD, abnormal blood vessels at the back of the eye proliferate uncontrollably--a process called neovascularization--then begin to leak into the retina.
Until now, a particular type of receptor called VEGFR-1 was not thought to play any role in the formation of blood vessels, with all medical research focused on another receptor, VEGFR-2.
When injected into the eyes of newborn mice, a type of hematopoietic stem cell grew into blood vessels and possibly prevented a genetic form of blindness that normally occurs in this strain of mouse.
A cholesterol granuloma of the tip of the petrous bone is a smoothly expanding mass that contains cholesterol crystals, hemosiderin-laden macrophages, fibrous tissue, chronic inflammatory cells, and blood vessels. On computed tomography (CT), this lesion appears as a well-marginated expansile mass (figure 1).
Ordinary black tea may help "relax" the lining of blood vessels of people who already have clogged arteries.
Its vascular endothiel growth factor (VEGF2) - now in phase I and II clinical studies and developed by a spin-off company, Vascular Genetics - generates new blood vessels, arteries, and veins in the limbs.