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Synonyms for feud

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a bitter quarrel between two parties

carry out a feud

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Blood vengeance was exacted when a person's honor was tarnished and had its basis in Germanic law.
Paying the monetary amount in no way diminished the possibility of blood vengeance (de Hinojosa 43-46).
Responsibility was also a very important aspect in the carrying out of blood vengeance, in that an offender's family was also implicated in the crime, because fathers were responsible for their children's' actions, as well as their wives' and also for the action of extended family members and all those living under their roof.
As part of this broader enterprise, the next section analyses such cultural considerations as polygamy, blood vengeance, conflict resolution, traditional healing, and family involvement, as strategies for understanding how to work with Muslim Arab clients based upon previous analysis of social work processes in Northern and Muslim Arab worlds (Al-Krenawi & Graham, 2000b).
We argue that blood vengeance is an essential component in much of social work practice among Muslim Arab peoples.
Blood vengeance would require that a member of the offending hamula be killed, in order to remove the assault on the Ar, or pride, of the murdered man's hamula.
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