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a bitter quarrel between two parties

carry out a feud

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The role of women in La leyenda de los siete infantes de Lara, (The Legend of the Seven Infantes of Lara) The Nibelungenlied and Njal's Saga is markedly different since women take on a very active role in exacting blood vengeance as is commonplace within Germanic law and society.
Blood vengeance was exacted when a person's honor was tarnished and had its basis in Germanic law.
Many times also accompanying the blood vengeance, the offender was required to give monetary payment to the victim or the victim's family if he or she were dead, and also they were banished from their lands.
Our later research was on the implications to professional helping activity of blood vengeance (the retribution of one tribe/hamula towards another) (Al-Krenawi & Graham, 1999b), divorce (Al-Krenawi & Graham, 1998), and polygamous family structures (A-Krenawi, Graham, & Al-Krenawi, 1997).
As part of this broader enterprise, the next section analyses such cultural considerations as polygamy, blood vengeance, conflict resolution, traditional healing, and family involvement, as strategies for understanding how to work with Muslim Arab clients based upon previous analysis of social work processes in Northern and Muslim Arab worlds (Al-Krenawi & Graham, 2000b).
Blood vengeance, the obligation to kill in retribution for the death of a member of one's family or tribe, is a culturally distinct aspect of social work in the Muslim Arab world.
(36) Njall, the representative of good sense most of the time in the saga, congratulates her on this plan for vengeance which is discussed even before the burning, saying, "You will do well, for you are a good woman." (37) Good women ensure blood vengeance, which implies identification between blood and women.
Even a reasonable man, intent on legal settlements, can be pushed into "swearing nothing but blood vengeance." The signifying chain of feminine clothes leads to the moral judgment of a woman's sexual subordination and thus to cowardice.
Not only does any attempt to bless the house of David with "peace" seem starkly out of line with Nathan's earlier curse of the sword upon the house of David, but--technically speaking--Yahweh himself had given no such blessing to David's lineage.(27) The bloody business of vengeance having been accomplished, the narrative suggests that all Solomon's opponents had been eliminated, reiterating--only more forcefully--that "the kingdom was now firmly established in Solomon's hands," the same hands which were now guilty of engaging in blood vengeance in order to secure the throne (2:46).
The narrative also strongly suggests that it was only after accomplishing his father's assigned task of blood vengeance against both Joab and Shimei that Solomon embarked on building the awesome massive symbols of the new political theology--his temple and palace.
Using maps, photos and the words of surviving gang members, "Made in America" presents a portrait of a city section gone crazy with blood vengeance. Because Peralta constructs his work as a symphony, with music continually pushing it forward in delineated sections, auds are unlikely to be conscious of how pic carefully delineates the gang war's roots and causes.
H's anger at this "scandalous" state of affairs is heightened by sightings of his stepfather's ghost (Ricky Marshall), which urges him toward blood vengeance.