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a bitter quarrel between two parties

carry out a feud

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Paying the monetary amount in no way diminished the possibility of blood vengeance (de Hinojosa 43-46).
Responsibility was also a very important aspect in the carrying out of blood vengeance, in that an offender's family was also implicated in the crime, because fathers were responsible for their children's' actions, as well as their wives' and also for the action of extended family members and all those living under their roof.
In this case it did not need to be paid because Gonzalo's brothers reinstated his honor by opting for blood vengeance in killing Lambra's servant.
As part of this broader enterprise, the next section analyses such cultural considerations as polygamy, blood vengeance, conflict resolution, traditional healing, and family involvement, as strategies for understanding how to work with Muslim Arab clients based upon previous analysis of social work processes in Northern and Muslim Arab worlds (Al-Krenawi & Graham, 2000b).
We argue that blood vengeance is an essential component in much of social work practice among Muslim Arab peoples.
Blood vengeance would require that a member of the offending hamula be killed, in order to remove the assault on the Ar, or pride, of the murdered man's hamula.
The monster woman who insists on blood vengeance, producing the bloody clothes as the literal embodiment of the lost thing, forces the reluctant man to remember his blood relatives, to face death, and thus return to the state of the Imaginary as the source of that fear and desire.
37) Good women ensure blood vengeance, which implies identification between blood and women.
Even a reasonable man, intent on legal settlements, can be pushed into "swearing nothing but blood vengeance.
Long after the enactment of national laws against blood vengeance, missionary Daniel Butrick reported that the perpetrator of an assault "was now gone to avoid the revenging brother.
But on the basis of both antecedent and subsequent events, the successor who David now thanked God for being able to "see" mount his throne seems to have much less to do with Yahweh's choice than with David's own desire for blood vengeance.
And yet, the vengeful violence that David required of Solomon would also inevitably have the practical effect of contributing to a fulfillment of Nathan's curse upon the house of David, staining as it would from the very start Solomon's reign with injustice, through pursuing clan-based blood vengeance without any sanction from Yahweh, and killing a man whose curses David had not only earlier recognized as just, but whom David had also taken a public oath against harming.
27) The bloody business of vengeance having been accomplished, the narrative suggests that all Solomon's opponents had been eliminated, reiterating--only more forcefully--that "the kingdom was now firmly established in Solomon's hands," the same hands which were now guilty of engaging in blood vengeance in order to secure the throne (2:46).
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