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sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)

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Blood Sports is an homage to the original Hansel and Gretel, the version where Hansel uses a finger bone from a previous victim to convince the witch he's still too skinny to eat" (279).
These games are a Norman French import -- Euro blood sports if you like -- and it is surprising to see Euro-sceptics rushing to support them.
BAA members have made it very clear in the past they want nothing to do with blood sports supporters.
Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine," "Hunting the Country" (TNN) and "Outdoors," "Charlie West Back Country," "Sportsman's Quest," "Strategies in the Wild" (ESPN, ESPN2): With hunting and fishing shows such as these, and coverage featuring rodeos and bullfights, these programs perpetuate and glorify blood sports, influencing others to continue the killing and exploitation of sentient creatures.
CAMPAIGNERS have long been baffled by how Princes William and Harry square their fight against illegal hunting with their love of legal blood sports.
JUNE POOLEY Highfield Road, Barry * I THOUGHT blood sports were banned in our country.
AN ANTI-hunting charity is targeting the North East as it steps up its efforts to curb illegal blood sports.
This is a concern as the Countryside Alliance is probably the most pro-active pressure group for the blood sports industry and it continually boasts of its educational campaigns to get more children involved in hunting and shooting in the countryside.
THE controversy regarding the rights and wrongs of blood sports must not take people's minds off the plight of animals which are factory-farmed for the sake of quick, substantial profit.
They've always been fond of bear-baiting and allied blood sports.
After decades of haphazard enforcement of dog fighting and cockfighting laws, Los Angeles is poised to crack down on animal blood sports with its first task force dedicated to combating animal cruelty.
I have horses,don't hunt,and have fought against blood sports for the best part of my life -fox hunting,beagling,hare coursing, stag hunting,etc ,and have witnessed some outrageous atrocities perpetrated against the various animals involved in these blood lust sports.
Cock-fighting, dog-fighting and other blood sports were outlawed on the grounds of their cruelty.
But yesterday animal rights activists condemned her for joining the growing band of celebrities taking up blood sports.