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sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)

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After decades of haphazard enforcement of dog fighting and cockfighting laws, Los Angeles is poised to crack down on animal blood sports with its first task force dedicated to combating animal cruelty.
The blood sports room is the most controversial - with graphic film of bear-baiting, fox-hunting, bull-fighting and hare-coursing.
But the League Against Cruel Sports, who organised last night's protest, hit back - claiming Ms Robinson refused to attend special meetings or watch a video highlighting how cruel blood sports are.
These people may enjoy this activity but they forget that over four million animals are killed every year for the sake of a few weeks' blood sport.
A further 100 postcards from visitors to the area expressed concern about his support for blood sports.
Above all, he has developed a mission to challenge the still-predominant stereotypes of middleclass respectability, pointing up the propensity of middle-class men (especially but not exclusively young, single ones) to become involved in gambling and blood sports, to mix across the porous divisions between classes and definitions of 'rough' and 'respectable', and even to derive substantial incomes from ministering to the leisure economy which revolved around such activities.
Blood sports are cruel and barbaric and we do not want to go back in time to watch hares and foxes being chased and ripped to pieces or deers being chased until they collapse from exhaustion.
I despise all blood sports and the people who enjoy partaking in them, whatever their class.
Cam's day of blood sports THE Prime Minister took part in a secret country shoot, it emerged yesterday.
Yesterday, his management released a statement stating that the star did not know the nature of the event and insisted he did not endorse blood sports.
We have a government that has banned blood sports and badger culling.
Not only is the blood sports lobby an inner-core Tory constituency, but the party is in serious hock to it for mountainous donations and electoral aid.
Mills will collaborate with law enforcement and other agencies to spearhead investigations involving blood sports as part of the ASPCA's Field Investigation and Response team.
If cruelty was the criterion, all blood sports should be banned, but that would be political suicide, so the murder of innocent animals continues.
ANGRY pro-hunting groups have claimed the Government is trying to ban blood sports.