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sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)

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Like Robinson's first novel, Monkey Beach, Blood Sports originates from one of the stories in Traplines, Robinson's first published book.
(Wilson would have been a little startled by Robinson's authorial audacity, but would have applauded her feisty good humour and that she set her fiction in British Columbia, not some far-off generic place usable by Hollywood.) In Robinson's third book, Blood Sports, she steps away from Kitamaat Village and her Haisla-Heiltsuk roots and firmly sets her characters' unsteady feet in the urban core, specifically Vancouver's Downtown East Side.
The aim of the new coalition is to present a united front against the anti-field sports lobby but critics maintain that the NA does not truly represent the ordinary coarse angler, a large proportion of whom are probably against blood sports anyway.
I was probably mistaken for a gentleman who embraced blood sports."
CAMPAIGNERS have long been baffled by how Princes William and Harry square their fight against illegal hunting with their love of legal blood sports.
JUNE POOLEY Highfield Road, Barry * I THOUGHT blood sports were banned in our country.
AN ANTI-hunting charity is targeting the North East as it steps up its efforts to curb illegal blood sports.
Not only is the blood sports lobby an inner-core Tory constituency, but the party is in serious hock to it for mountainous donations and electoral aid.
THE controversy regarding the rights and wrongs of blood sports must not take people's minds off the plight of animals which are factory-farmed for the sake of quick, substantial profit.
As Griffin shows, however, with the passage of the Protection of Animals Act of 1835, which prohibited the baiting or fighting of any animal, the suppression of working-class blood sports set a precedent for parliamentary limitation of leisure activities.
They've always been fond of bear-baiting and allied blood sports.
No surprise here, your readers may think, until one delves into the background of blood sports.
The Irish Council Against Blood Sports are outraged at plans by greyhound body Bord na gCon to give over EUR250,000 euro to the 'sport'.
Cock-fighting, dog-fighting and other blood sports were outlawed on the grounds of their cruelty.