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(medicine) puncture of a vein through the skin in order to withdraw blood for analysis or to start an intravenous drip or to inject medication or a radiopaque dye

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Additionally some of the Gen-ID Lab directors will be doing SNP testing and analysis on their own blood samples to initiate the process and test the new relationship with Advanomics," stated Veron.
Blood samples from patients with fever were assessed for yellow fever virus and antibodies.
ewingii DNA in blood samples of free-ranging coyotes from central and northcentral Oklahoma.
ImmunoCAP is emerging as an important diagnostic tool especially in children, because it requires only a single blood sample and the results are not affected by medication.
The good news is the recent availability of screening for these genetic diseases permits couples to test for all 11 devastating diseases with only one blood sample.
For more information on the process or how to provide a blood sample, call (800) 843-2949, Ext.
Because the nanowires are so tiny, researchers could eventually pack millions of them onto a chip and rapidly test a blood sample for all the known genetic mutations in the human genome.
Even if the described PCR method detected a single parasite in the 5-mL blood sample used by the authors (3) (hypothetical sensitivity 0.
He was joined in his refusal by AC Milan team-mate Giuseppe Pancaro, who also declined to provide a blood sample.
It requires no preloading of the needle and has a special spring-action mechanism that provides a comfortable and quick method for blood sample retrieval.
Therefore, scientists have been trying to find new ways for people with diabetes to measure their blood sugar without needing a skin puncture to get a blood sample (noninvasive method).
A SUSPECTED drink- driver has been jailed for a month - for insisting that a blood sample could be taken only from his big TOE.
Each complete blood kit/container must contain blood sample bottles, needles, a needle holder, sequential alpha numeric labels, security seals, absorbent material capable of absorbing blood and a plastic bag.
As per the directives of the Supreme Court, Tiwari would give his blood sample at his residence in Dehradun on Tuesday in the presence of district Judge and a high court registrar.
THE Gurgaon police's forensic team on Friday took the blood sample of Suraj Sehrawat, the prime accused in the Gurgaon BMW hit- and- run case.