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(medicine) puncture of a vein through the skin in order to withdraw blood for analysis or to start an intravenous drip or to inject medication or a radiopaque dye

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Stankovic's comments about the need for using the right equipment and having the appropriate skills to properly collect blood samples. I also agree that "...
immediately upon collection, often it is not possible, especially when blood samples are collected from remotely located farms.
The meter requires minimal blood samples and provides results in five seconds.
MBS uses an enzyme-enhancement and electrochemical method, to detect the concentration of disease markers in the blood sample, which changes according to the level and nature of illness.
But if a cotton swab containing ethanol was placed on the injection spot or the syringe needle pulled out while pushing the piston upwards, ethanol tended to become mixed in the blood sample.
Another blood sample was drawn from the athletes after 45 minutes of rest.
"When I went into the anti-doping room, they asked me if I wanted to give a blood sample and I asked if it was mandatory and the answer was no."
On the day of the op, he had a blood sample taken but the vet never explained why this was necessary.
It requires no preloading of the needle and has a special spring-action mechanism that provides a comfortable and quick method for blood sample retrieval.
The born-again Christian claimed having chronic anaemia made it too difficult for her to give a blood sample.
Current methods of self-blood-glucose-monitoring require a blood sample. This can be painful and difficult for people with diabetes, who may need to take blood samples up to four times or more per day.
A SUSPECTED drink- driver has been jailed for a month - for insisting that a blood sample could be taken only from his big TOE.
One difficulty with screening programs is that the blood sample must be venous blood.
Louis are using a "starting" new method that can serve instead of a fetal blood sample to determine whether a fetus is getting enough oxygen during labor.
The issue of what can be done with the blood sample of a criminal suspect who's in an accident can be a tricky area because of statutory patient-doctor privilege.