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one related by blood or origin

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Dubai, being a Muslim country, follows Sharia under which inheritance arrangements are pre-determined -- specific blood relatives are given predetermined allocations, with no discretion.
This study was designed to determine the prevalence and occurrence of clinical manifestations of hereditary angioedema (HAE) in previously unevaluated blood relatives of known (index) patients with HAE in a few villages of a city in a province (Duzce) in Turkey.
Poe said that though they stand by their legal arguments, having her blood relatives publicly known would end all speculations and make it easy for her.
So property of unmarried people who made no will could pass only to their children or blood relatives.
(iv) FACS leave--general (a) For the purpose of this clause relating to FACS Leave: "relative" means a person related by blood, marriage or affinity; "affinity" means a relationship that one spouse, because of marriage, has to blood relatives of the other; and "household" means a family group living in the same domestic dwelling."
RAWALPINDI -- Cantonment Board Rawalpindi has imposed ban on execution of gift registry of property in the name of relatives except blood relatives.
PYONGYANG (TAP) - Following the execution of Jang Song Taek for allegedly plotting to overthrow the North Korean state, Daily NK has learned that a substantial number of the former elite official's blood relatives are being transferred to political prison camps.
But eyebrows are raised when those connections are blood relatives.
A majority of Arabs believe that marriages between blood relatives should be discouraged and that governments should be educating people about the health risks involved, according to the latest Doha Debates opinion poll.
The pool of potentially mixed-race donors is made even more difficult because blood relatives of patients often don't qualify, and trying to find a volunteer with the right racial combination can be extremely tough, experts said.
To identify the dead, any body part of the deceased found at the scene of the crime, along with the blood samples of blood relatives such as parents or children, is required.
The team found that blood relatives of flu victims were more likely to die than non-relatives, even during different flu outbreaks.
Because I also have a portrait photo of the best man, I would imagine that it is he and the groom (and possibly the bridesmaid on the left) who are my blood relatives.
Blood Relatives is based on the Vampire Kisses series written by Ellen Schreiber.