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The study showed that the average blood protein level of male goat was 5.05+-0.13 g/dl in Ghizer breed, 5.70+-0.67 g/dl in Baltistan breed, 5.68+-0.16 g/dl in Hunza-Nagar breed, whereas in female goat the serum protein level was 5.24+-0.14 g/dl in Ghizer breed, 5.02+-0.09 g/dl in Baltistan breed, and 5.41+-0.11 g/dl in Hunza-Nagar breed, respectively.
Fibrinogen, a blood protein that is involved in coagulation, is not found in the healthy brain.
People with hemophilia have deficiency blood protein also called clotting factor which is necessary to clot the blood and stop bleeding.
The blood protein binding of the drug tells about its in vivo efficacy.
The mutation is an abnormal version of a blood protein and is considered one of the most common genetic risk factors for blood clotting.
The work "is truly a landmark study, since it is the first to achieve long-term expression of a blood protein at therapeutically relevant levels," physician Katherine Ponder of Washington University in St.
The demand for the blood protein is about 500 tons per year worldwide, and China has faced worrying shortages in the past.
The reason could be individual differences in the blood protein haemoglobin, scientists believe.
They took initial height and weight measurements, and collected nonfasting blood serum samples to measure complement factor C3c, a blood protein that served as a marker for subclinical inflammation.
According to Celgene, the technology's mechanism of delivery is thought to be by targeting a previously unrecognized tumor-activated, albumin-specific biologic pathway with a nanoshell of the human blood protein albumin.
Pycnogenol was also found to lower the patients' elevated levels of inflammatory marker CRP, a blood protein associated with risk for acute cardiovascular events such as heart attack, reducing values to a healthy level.
Albumin, a blood protein that can signal kidney damage and cardiovascular risk, was also lower while they were on the placebo.
Human alpha-fetoprotein is a blood protein produced in pregnant women.
I would also recommend that you regularly have your urine checked for albumin, a type of blood protein which is not normally found in the urine.
Low levels of vitamin B or elevated levels of the blood protein homocysteine may increase hip fracture risk, according to a study in the June issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.