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In fact, several measurements of muscle function and immune response improved significantly, as did several blood protein measurements.
Paper: "Development of a highly specific amine-terminated aptamer functionalized surface plasmon resonance biosensor for selective blood protein detection," Biomedical Optics Express, Volume 2, Issue 9, pp.
In the case of blood protein, for example, the film is approximately four nanometers high.
In particular, the blood protein haemoglobin - vital for carrying oxygen around the body - is inhibited at low temperatures.
The review places our patent-pending technology and methods within the context of overall research as having the only blood protein biomarkers and test for neurodegenerative diseases.
The blood protein signatures discovered in the future may be used in a blood test to not only screen for lung cancer among high-risk individuals such as current and former smokers, but to aid in diagnosis, distinguishing between various subtypes of the disease, such as small-cell lung cancer and lung adenocarcinoma.
Assessing their health is difficult because conventional measures used in other animals, such as temperature, blood protein levels and general demeanour, are not relevant or are difficult to assess in fish.
Past research has revealed that M protein binds to the blood protein fibrinogen.
A shocking report has revealed that a blood protein used in the treatment of burn victims may have actually killed thousands of patients.
It is a natural mammalian blood protein that can be administered either prophylactically or post-exposure, but is normally present at low concentrations in human plasma making it both expensive to produce and severely limited in supply.
Two other GLPl-based drugs enlist the services of albumin, a blood protein with a long half-life.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- Intrinsic Bioprobes today announced that the United States Patents and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 7,816,095 covering novel blood protein biomarkers related to cardiovascular disease.
Study subjects received single intravenous doses of a monoclonal antibody called cA2, which blocks tumor necrosis factor, a blood protein that plays a role in the inflammation.
Washington, June 9 (ANI): A study has found that a blood protein, known as surfactant protein-D (SP-D), which is mainly synthesised in the lungs, is "a good predictor" of cardiovascular disease.
patents in the areas of cryogenics, cell cryopreservation, blood protein harvesting, and surgical hemostasis, he has extensive management experience in the medical device industry - including 17 years as chairman and CEO of ThermoGenesis Corp.