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a pressure gauge for measuring blood pressure

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However, it does not take the metaphorical brain surgeon to figure out that all those facilities that we have in the United States - from sterilized pens and beds to functioning blood pressure meters and sophisticated equipment for various complications - will make taking care of my cuticle more expensive than the drips and antibiotics and services at an emergency room in India.
2 LG Electronics to introduce handset with blood pressure meter
Doctor Set - featuring stethoscope, blood pressure meter and
A look at newly released or about-to-be-released blood glucose and blood pressure meters from two top-selling brands indicates the current direction of the health monitor device industry.
The monitoring devices sub segment is further classified by device type into blood pressure meters, blood glucose meters, weight scale, pulse oximeters, peak flow meters, ECG monitors and other devices.
The most common was a digital weight scale, followed by blood pressure meters and large fitness equipment.
Possible fields of application include electronic blood sugar and blood pressure meters, electrochemical analyses and fitness devices, which can transmit readings automatically by mobile phone to a doctor or hospital computer system.
The second change calls for a Commission review of available alternatives to a ban on blood pressure meters (sphygmomanometers).
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