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a pressure gauge for measuring blood pressure

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The easy-to-use BioArmour BPCS is a disposable antimicrobial hygienic barrier that attaches to the blood pressure cuff to prevent direct contact of the cuff with the patient's skin.
US-based SunTech Medical, a leader in non-invasive blood pressure measurement products and technologies, has rolled out its new line of disposable blood pressure cuffs.
Introduction of the blood pressure cuff into US medical practice: technology and skilled practice.
With any dialysis patient, the dental assistant should question the patient regarding the location of their graft(s) and decide where it is safe to place the blood pressure cuff.
The ER staff attached a blood pressure cuff to me and called the code blue team, which surrounded me all night watching for cardiac arrest from heart failure due to low blood pressure.
Using a tiny monitor that connects to clinical equipment such as a blood pressure cuff, patient's readings are transmitted during the tele-visit to the physician, case manager or home health care professional.
Viterion TeleHealthcare presented a half-dozen devices, including a blood pressure cuff, a blood glucose meter, a thermometer, and a spirometer that can be tied into a long-distance monitoring system, while the Georgia Institute of Technology featured an entire "Aware House" that allows a distant caregiver to track physical activity in every room of a residence.
We invite all our readers who use the eye drops Timolol or Timoptic for glaucoma to participate in an experiment using a blood pressure cuff or automatic monitor to measure their blood pressure levels morning and night.
It is designed to be disease-specific with peripheral attachments such as a scale, blood pressure cuff, spirometer, PT/INR system, pulse oximeter, glucose meter and digital camera for wound care.
It may be wise for the patient to have their own blood pressure cuff and frequently check their blood pressure and weight prior to and after exercise.
Sometimes he wraps the blood pressure cuff tightly around my arm and other times it is loose.
carried out the test on a healthy subject according to the method of Threatte and Henry (2), who describe the procedure as follows: "Laboratory diagnosis of McArdle disease is made by applying a blood pressure cuff on an exercising forearm and sampling blood lactate one minute after the exercise has begun".
Have a large blood pressure cuff for patients whose upper arm circumference exceeds the standard cuff.
Some participants reported their meditation was disturbed by the inflation of the blood pressure cuff every five minutes and by the fact that they were not allowed to sit in a cross-legged position as they were accustomed to doing during meditation at home.
She has never had to use the electronic blood pressure cuff and stethoscope their health plan sent them when they enrolled--these devices connect to a transducer that sends signals over the cable TV network.