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a place for storing whole blood or blood plasma

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Umbilical cord blood preservation is a process by which blood is collected from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby and is stored cryogenically in a specially-designated bank.
These low levels of concentration will be of vital importance to all segments of the pharmaceutical, cell therapy, blood preservation and skin care industries.
ProtoKinetix' AAGP(TM) platform technology is ideal for a number of applications in the skin care/cosmetics, cellular therapy, blood preservation and pharmaceutical industries," said Geoffrey Eiten, president of NFC.
PKTX) (OTCBB:PKTX) announces that a top tier company in Umbilical Cord Blood Preservation has conducted preliminary tests using AAGP[TM] as a protective agent in the cryofreezing (-196[deg]C) and subsequent thawing of cord blood units.
The five year agreement includes volume based pricing and an exclusive commitment from NECC to purchase all of its demand for cord blood preservation media from BioLife.
Brown worked at Viacell, where he successfully grew the company's family cord blood preservation business into the market leading service, quadrupling sales in less than two years.
Cryo-Cell will be positioned to offer expectant mothers a combination no other company can promise: the highest accredited quality of umbilical cord blood preservation, a proven life-saving treatment, combined with the maternal placental stem cell service, which has the potential to protect the mother's health in the future.
ViaCell has built a high growth business based on innovative umbilical cord blood preservation technology, with a strong, established market presence," said Gregory L.
Drew, as he is responsible for creating the world's first blood bank and revolutionizing the medical profession through his pioneering research into blood preservation in the early 1940s.
For example, the Company's expectations with respect to ViaCord may be negatively affected by the impact of competition in the umbilical cord preservation industry, any changes in market acceptance for family cord blood banking, any slowing of growth of the family cord blood banking market, the impact of any potential adverse outcome in pending patent infringement litigation related to the cord blood preservation business, any further impact of a third party's dispute with Mothers Work related to the rights granted to the Company, including if a court were to vacate the arbitrator's decision, and any unexpected material issues, delays or failures in the collection, processing or storage of umbilical cord blood by the Company or others in the industry.
At a time when the cord blood stem cells of 9 out of every 10 babies born in this country are disposed of as medical waste, we have a responsibility to do a better job of educating parents on cord blood preservation, whether for donation or private storage in a family bank.
The CHORI/ViaCord sibling transplant program offers umbilical cord blood preservation services to expectant parents who have a child in need of a transplant for a disease currently treatable with cord blood stem cells.