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glucose in the bloodstream

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A premeal blood glucose level determines whether additional insulin should be added to the premeal bolus to cover premeal blood glucose excursions using a sensitivity factor (SF).
The blood glucose level of diabetic group fed on chickpea HFD after the induction of diabetes showed a great increase in the blood glucose level (from 99.
One of the most hazardous situations for diabetics is the possibility of a big drop in their blood glucose levels when driving.
Also, keep an eye on portion size - it may seem like a good idea to eat a larger meal but this may increase your blood glucose levels.
These findings suggest that determining blood glucose levels at ED presentation "may serve as a screen to identify high-risk patients who warrant formal testing for diabetes, allowing for prompt referral to prevent further morbidity and mortality," Dr.
Your blood glucose level will be tested again one, two and three hours after you drink the solution.
The sensor capacitance and impedance dependence on blood glucose level was determined using data obtained from invasive measurements of glucose level (glucometer Abbott Diabetes Care Optium Xceed was used).
So, for example, if you have green tea with your bagel for breakfast, it may reduce the spike in blood glucose levels that you would normally get from that food.
Doctors at hospital said Yildirim's blood glucose level rose, however his sickness was not serious.
The package inserts for rapid-acting insulin state that a 2-hour postprandial blood glucose level should be used to adjust the next dose of rapid-acting insulin.
This provides your doctor with a better understanding of your blood glucose level for more than just the eight to 10 hours preceding an FBG test.
The fasting blood glucose level was 400 mg/dL with normal electrolytes and renal function test results.
had a slightly elevated blood glucose level previously
Highlights include the fact that more than half of the more than 1000 unique respondents do not know their blood glucose level.
It also identifies blood glucose levels at times when the patient feels they have a high or low blood glucose level.