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(medicine) puncture of a vein through the skin in order to withdraw blood for analysis or to start an intravenous drip or to inject medication or a radiopaque dye

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Using the disposable, single-use Velano Vascular technology, newly placed peripheral intravenous catheters can be momentarily repurposed to draw blood from patients, thereby reducing the need for additional needle sticks to conduct blood draws among the majority of hospitalised patients with IVs in place.
Here we already have a clear survival benefit -- and thousands of patients who could be studied with nothing more intrusive than a blood draw.
It is the only NIPT that differentiates between maternal and fetal DNA, which enables women to learn more about their pregnancies through a simple blood draw from the mother, posing no risk to the babies.
The mean times of the SV blood draw in the 0.02-, 0.1-, and 0.5-mg/kg-day dose groups were 1327, 1330, and 1243 hr; the overall mean ([+ or -] SE) was 1313 hr [+ or -] 24 min.
IMMY is using the antibody now for testing in Africa, but only through the traditional, time-consuming and expensive methods of venipuncture (blood draw) or spinal tap for cerebrospinal fluid.
The first nighttime blood draw occurred at 2 a.m., after each woman had been in complete darkness for 2 hours.
reveals his or her fear of needles and blood draw procedures.
M2 PHARMA-November 12, 2015-New Intermountain Healthcare, Velano Vascular Partnership to Study Inpatient Blood Draw Procedures
Whether the emotional response is triggered by fear of needles, disgust prompted by the sight of their own blood, entry of the needle, or the pain associated with the venipuncture, one fact is salient--the emotional unpleasantness of the blood draw is overwhelming to the BII phobic.
Based on application, the segment for intravenous access is estimated to be the largest shareholder, followed by the blood draw segment.
According to the company, the addition of Cynvenio's rare cell enrichment technology complements its Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM) workflow and positions the company as the only one in the industry to offer a comprehensive sample-to-genomic data solution for research using a single blood draw for analysis of circulating tumour cells (CTC), cell-free DNA (cfDNA) and normal DNA in less than 48 hours.
Mitchell contends that the blood draw was a search conducted in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.<br />We conclude that Mitchell voluntarily consented to a blood draw by his conduct of driving on Wisconsin's roads and drinking to a point evidencing probable cause of intoxication.
According to the news release, Bingham was taken to a hospital, where a blood draw indicated his blood-alcohol concentration was .364.