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someone who gives blood to be used for transfusions

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The local government of North Chungcheong Province also rolled up its sleeves to fill the blood donation gap and raise awareness about the importance of blood donations.
She thanked NUML administration for helping in setting up a blood donation camp in the varsity and lauded the efforts of students and faculty members.
We believe Facebook's Blood Donation feature will make it easier for people in need to find donors and increase blood donations overall,' said Dr Saeed Elahi, Chairman, Pakistan Red Crescent Society.
To fulfill the huge demand of blood in the country, Prof Yunus said, the Quantum Foundation has been spearheading the blood donation campaign to increase awareness among the people since 1996.
Conclusion: Female medical students were aware of the basic knowledge about blood donation.
In an interview, Maun Beamer Club public relations officer Mr Oteng Moshebe said the club saw it relevant to organise a blood donation exercise to help the district and in turn the Ministry of Health and Wellness.
The blood donation campaign is an act of giving which reminds us of Sheik Zayed's unconditional giving, his support and keenness to help our brothers in need -- whatever or whoever they are.
Adding further, Dr Aggarwal, Vice President CMAAO, said, "Now no camp should be organized for 'whole blood donation,' instead components-only blood donation camps should be organized.
At last Principal Mohd Khan Keerio told that blood donation is a major concern to the society as donated blood is life saving for individual who need it.
Dr Mai Raouf, director of the Dubai Blood Donation Center said the 'Dammi' app allows blood donors to answer donation eligibility questionnaire and read pre-donation educational material through their mobile phones before they come to the donation centre.
The DHA's Blood Donation Centre recently put the power to save lives in the palm of the users' hand by launching 'Dami' a blood donation app that aims to make it easier to find a time and place to make a blood donation.
Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) held a blood donation campaign at the company headquarters in West Bay, it was announced in a statement.
The Provincial Blood Services Network has strengthened its partnership with local government units on the voluntary blood donation campaign.
Blood donation refers to the process of collection, testing, preparing, storing blood, and blood components.
This World Blood Donor Day, Dr Seema Sinha, Head - Department of Transfusion Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Noida, shares a few facts associated with blood donation.