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the number of red and white corpuscles in a blood sample

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the act of estimating the number of red and white corpuscles in a blood sample

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In conclusion, the Cell-Dyn 17000S automated hematology analyzer is a suitable and reliable blood counter for complete blood count determination in daily routine.
ORLANDO -- The various measures of a complete blood count together helped in the development of a risk score that was very effective for predicting a patient's subsequent risk of death or myocardial infarction.
A The statements in your question are appropriate for the majority of specimens for blood counts, but may not be completely valid in some cases.
The instrument allowed for more accurate and faster complete blood count analysis.
Some instruments have large integral blood count data bases against which current blood counts can be compared.
We began with a re-examination of the basics: Why do physicians order blood counts, and what do they hope to learn from the results?