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a blood clot formed within a blood vessel and remaining attached to its place of origin

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Your husband will also be prescribed medication that helps prevent blood clots.
Treatment for cancer * Prolonged lack of movement such as long distance travel or long periods of bed rest * A personal or family history of blood clots * Older age * Pregnancy.
While all CHCs carry some risk of blood clots, the risk can differ based on the specific birth control method a woman uses.
Blood clots - also known as venous thromboembolisms - are a known risk factor for cancer.
Blood clots are one, and they can have potentially fatal consequences if a fragment of a clot breaks free and travels through the venous system to the lungs.
It has been launched to change perceptions about risk after research shows that 62% of Welsh people think they are more likely to develop blood clots on an aeroplane than in hospital.
It has been estimated that 1,250 people are risk of death every year in Wales from blood clots they may develop while they are in hospital.
Although most clots produce no symptoms and dissolve, sometimes blood clots in the large veins of the leg can break free and float to the lungs, blocking blood flow and oxygenation.
Red blood cell-boosting drugs called erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs) are used to fight anaemia, but these medications increase the risk of blood clots, and the U.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a blood clot in a vein located between her brain and her skull, but is expected to make a full recovery, according to a statement from doctors at New York Presbyterian Hospital.
Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are all linked to an unhealthy lifestyle but sitting for long periods can also increase the immediate health risk due to blood clots, the charity, Lifeblood warned.
Summary: CAIRO - Venous blood clots (vein thromboembolism or VTE) occurs in 40-60 per cent of patients who are undergoing major orthopaedic surgery, say medical experts.
It is estimated that about 1 in 1,000 people have a DVT each year in the UK and 25,000 deaths per year in England are due to blood clots which have developed while a person was in hospital.
A CHECKLIST aimed at stopping life-threatening blood clots is to be launched by the 1,000 Lives Campaign.